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Cyrille Regis

This blog has been - and remains - fiercely against Jim Cadman's bent "Three Degrees" statue con. But I am very sad to hear the dreadful news today and send my heartfelt condolences to all of Cyrille's family and friends.

My two older brothers were Villa supporters and so I had to rebel. This led me to spend many a happy hour and a half shivering on the Brummie Road End. Cyrille was my hero. In the current ugly terminology he always gave 110%. Great man, great player.

Julian Saunders

Steve Eling - You Are A F*cking Liar - No. 2

In part one of "Steve Eling - You Are A F*cking Liar" I placed the entirety of Eling/Marshall's hate-filled message feed in the public domain (subject to a few unavoidable redactions). Eling and the financially and morally bankrupt Marshall originally denied the authenticity of the message feed (!) and so I wrote to the Sp*nk Brothers on 7th November, 2017:

Dear Cllrs Eling and Marshall,


It has come to my attention from more than one source that you two - and particularly Cllr Eling - have been telling persons that the Whatsapp feed etc containing your campaigns against, inter alia, Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones are fake and made up.

As you are both very well aware this is untrue and it is libellous.

I reserve my position, legally, with regard to the comments you have made to date.

Please be aware, however, that if you repeat these libellous statements then I shall commence legal proceedings against either or both of you without further recourse.

Cllr Marshall may, as a result of his bankruptcy, feel disinhibited and, therefore, able to repeat the libellous statements with abandon. This would be a mistake and he is advised to take legal advice. Whilst he is a man of straw and unable to pay damages he is still susceptible to an application for injunctive relief. Further repition may also amount to the criminal offence of harassment.

You should be well aware from your knowledge of me that I do not make idle threats. Make further libellous statements at your peril.

This communication will form part of my legal claims against you both if that becomes applicable.

Julian Saunders

Before we go on, let's just have a short history tutorial.... Let us go back to 2010/2011. The former Leader of the Council had been caught thieving. Four people came to prominence in the sh*tty and ineffectual Labour Council with disastrous consequences. Firstly, the man most Councillors even then knew to have a reputation for domestic violence and who had sh*t for brains - yes, the Smethwick Scumbag himself, Darren Cooper. Secondly, joint (very apt re Cooper....) Leader Steve Eling - the "go-to" man at Sadders and "the money man". Eling was employed - and still is - at basket case Rotherham Council and whilst owning a small property in the ghastly hell-hole that is Smethwick spent much of his time instead in the more agreeable surroundings of the Derbyshire countryside in a pretty cottage. Everyone says Eling knew "everything" that went on and "nothing happened" without his knowledge. In last week's Standards Hearing the bent and/or incompetent ex-employee David Willetts said in public that Eling and Hussain "controlled" the Asset Management and Land Disposal Committee totally with the other members, Cllrs Ian Jones and Simon Hackett, just being bit-part players. Thirdly, there was the other joint-Leader Mahboob Hussain who had the moronic thug Cooper under his thumb and members of his extended family embedded in jobs within the increasingly corrupt paid service including in Nick Bubalo's department and in the Legal Department under disgraced Solicitor, Neeraj Sharma. Last but not least, Jan Britton was appointed as "Chief Executive" "lol" despite a very thin CV and no obvious capability to fulfil that role. Happily Britton showed a malleability to the political will and a willingness to slag off the staff if they did not obey their "socialist" masters (eg the infamous 2012 blog - more anon - and the public dressing down of social workers in the horrific Sandwell Children's Services when the sh*t hit the fan. What could possibly go wrong.....

As Mr Willetts stated last week (though he is a proven liar) the Fab Four above declared that Sandwell was "open for business" and it soon transpired that Britton's bent staff were more than willing to facilitate fraudulent transactions (whilst Britton claims he was oblivious to what was really going on!) Very quickly, corruption, cronyism and incompetence became the order of the day.

Due to disclosures from this blog and some other concerned individuals pressure began to mount and, finally, corrupt West Midlands Police reluctantly had to agree to "investigate" the bent f*ckers. But Cllr Hussain was one of their "special friends" and, as we have seen many times in this blog, they had also cosied-up to many councillors through the "Sandwell Partnership" which top brass were reluctant to dismantle. Thus hardly a day went by when they didn't tweet favourably about the corrupt Council. People like Elaine Costigan became the unofficial WMP "Gold Commander" in Wednesbury and, it is alleged, was even allowed to park her car at the nick! Chief Constable Dave Thompson is still failing to apply the apply the law in the sh*thole Borough but then he was a big fan of the former wife-beater, Cooper......

What was to be done? A plan was hatched. Jan Britton would appoint an "independent" person to conduct "an enquiry" into a limited number of allegations (ignoring others like the Rouf house saga). For reasons that are totally unfathomable if malfeasance in public office was not occurring, WMP agreed to suspend their investigation whilst the "independent" one continued. This is criminal behaviour. The Police had a full panoply of investigative powers which the "independent" person did not but DELIBERATELY chose not to use them. Just by way of ONE (of many) examples - WMP only interviewed 4 people under caution- and two of them for a VERY short time. This blog believes that three of the four were Cllrs Hussain and Jones and Hussain's son, Azeem Hafeez. They did not interview under caution people like Jan Britton, Neeraj Sharma, Nick Bubalo and a number of other actors on this stage (and still have not done so to this day.) When the "independent" investigator took over, Azeem Hafeez simply refused to talk to him and thus the report that was prepared was totally useless. (Hafeez could have given "no comment" interviews to the police under caution but, contrary to TV dramas, that would have been a very risky strategy if he was charged later on.)

Jan Britton decided to employ Messrs Wragge and Co to prepare the report (the firm changes its name every other week and is now Gowling WLG but we will continue with Wragges). This is strange as bent Sandwell had already given the main Council legal contract to Ashfords (a "local" firm just down the road in, er, Exeter) but Britton and Neeraj Sharma were personally very "pally" with Wragges.

[An aside - this blog has shown that Neeraj Sharma was at a prestigious event in 2012 organised by Birmingham private school, King Edwards, hobnobbing with a number of partners of Wragges. The guest speaker - himself an alumnus of KES - was none-other than Andy Street - now the Mayor of West Midlands which no-one wanted. Mr Street has lost no time in promoting Wragges himself - also enjoying the hospitality of their Canadian branch as seen here:

Incidentally, since my earlier blog, KES have coyly removed the list of 2012 attendees (!) from their website though photos still show this City's "establishment" enjoying la dolce vita - including the BBC's Political Editor, Patrick Burns who has yet to utter a single word on the numerous scandals in Sandwell.]

This blog called it straight away and called it right. The appointment of Wragges was an attempt by crooked Sandwell to blunt the investigation (with, as we now know, the active connivance of a bent WMP officer or officers). The intention was that the Wragge Report would never see the light of day and Cooper, Britton and Eling were apparently determined that this would be the case (see further below).

Despite the useless report that Wragges eventually produced it did go much further than the comrades had intended - and pointed to many useful lines of enquiry for the Police to pursue though they chose not to despite their much more substantial legal powers.

As the "Maxwellisation" process dragged on [whereby named persons are given the opportunity to comment of the report before its release] the Smethwick Scumbag was worried. Anyone who passed Oldbury Council House in these months will have noted that instead of wandering the offices groping female employees, Cooper was perpetually outside pulling on a fag. And then the woman-bullying thug died in a drink and drug-fuelled "session" at his home at Easter, 2016 and Eling saw his opportunity to climb the greasy pole....

The Milkman has tried to portray himself as someone "draining the swamp" and clearing out the corruption endemic under Jan Britton's so-called "leadership". Yet Eling was one of the creators of "the swamp" and the guardian of the sluice gates throughout this period (see, for example, his heavy involvement in the proposed bent ice-rink deal). Like Britton, if he was not actively complicit in wrongdoing, he seems to have been so incompetent that he had no idea what was going on! But he (or his wife) saw that Hussain was finished and he could rule the roost (despite being one of the most boring men in Britain). Thus, in the Eling/Marshall papers exclusively exposed in this blog, The Sp*nk Brothers boasted that they had "forced" the eventual disclosure of a redacted copy of the Wragge Report in an effort to destroy Hussain (and Cllr Ian Jones at the same time.)

So was The Milkman really shining a light into dark corners for the benefit of the people in Sandwell? Or did he just have an eye for the main chance? The fact is that when Wragges were instructed Eling had NO INTENTION that their report would ever be put in the public domain. You don't believe me? Well here is his email - published as it is of considerable interest that it is in the public domain - he sent to Mahboob Hussain as late as 21st April, 2016 (!). The date is significant since it was after the death of The Scumbag so that Eling was Acting Leader [sic] and when the final content of the report was already known. Even then Eling was determined to suppress it:

I will leave it to you dear readers to decide whether The Milkman is a champion of truth or a treacherous little sh*t!

I have made a Standards Complaint about The Sp*nk Brothers to Sandwell Council which the new Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour, is trying to block. I will shortly be adding some other matters to it including this email since Eling had no legal right to attempt to suppress the public disclosure of a Council report. It shows his total contempt and disrespect for the grovelling lickspittle Jan Britton but it was the joke Chief Executive who had nominally commissioned the report. In a properly functioning council where the chief executive has (metaphorical) balls and is not perpetually on his knees rimming the anuses of his political masters it is a decision for him/her to decide whether or not this type of report should be disclosed. Of course, we all know the reality in Sadders and why Britton is STILL in post after seven years of calamity but here, for once, we have stone wall evidence of The Milkman overstepping the legal mark.

[Mr Tour is a very busy man at the moment but took precious time to complain to Twitter that SMBC claimed copyright on a photo of The Milkman which has been widely used, eg by The Halesowen News and thus stopping a local media company from using it! This is what your Council Tax is really being used for folks....]

Returning to the subject of the commissioning of the Wragge Report - Jan Britton decided to flout the Council's procurement rules and not put the job out to tender. He agreed with his friends at Wragges that no-one else should get a look in so had no real bargaining position. Despite the comrades constantly moaning about alleged "Tory austerity" affecting Sadders rather than their 43-year history of failure, Jan Britton took it upon himself to agree a fee of - wait for it - £100,000 (yes, ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS) for it - just to stymie the police investigation and protect the corrupt Council. They are STILL refusing to say what the final bill was but The Skidder can exclusively reveal that Wragges started the job and, as "any fule kno" - then had the Labour tossers over a barrel so that pathetic Jan Britton agreed - without tender - to pay them an EXTRA £85,000 making the final bill AT LEAST £185,000!!!!!! (Clearly this joke had not learned anything from the IMPOWER contract cock-up which also went way over budget and in which HE was intimately involved.)

(There is a bizarre rumour going round Sandwell which surely cannot be true? It is that Jan Britton realises he has zero chance of getting another CEO position in any council that is not as corrupt as Sadders and so his grand plan is to "groom" (ahem) the charismatic David Stevens as his successor on the basis that Stevens will return the favour by giving him lots of "consultancy work". As ever, info welcome.....}


This blog has frequently mentioned the sheer hypocrisy of Sandwell Labour's p*ss and wind brigade - the likes of self-proclaiming "socialists" like potty-mouthed Cllr Bob Piper and "socialist Landord" John "Jedward" Edwards - who spend so much time slagging off capitalism whilst Sandwell Labour Group cosy up to the likes of Interserve and give them multi-million PFI and untendered contracts.

Thus it was no surprise that the ridiculous Jedward would take to Twitter to condemn the Tories using Carillion, the large local construction firm which has gone bust this morning:

But who have been very vocal cheerleaders for, er, Carillion being given the multi-million pound contract (under yet another dodgy PFI contract) to build the new Sandwell Hospital in Smethwick? Yes folks, step forward the "socialists" in Sandwell Labour Group! You couldn't make it up....


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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Edgbaston MP Made Non-Disclosure "Oversight"!

Pisspoor Sandwell Councillor/MP Preet Kaur Gill has made an early slip-up in her, hopefully, short parliamentary career.

Gill was an undistinguished Labour Councillor in the "Socialist Paradise of Sandwell" - one of the sh*ttiest places to live in Britain. When she was elected as MP for the unfortunate populace of Edgbaston she retained her Council seat in poor old Sadders. Labour sources say that she has done so "because she wants the money" - a trait no doubt inherited from her late "bus-driver to millionaire" father.

In a recent post I pointed out that Gill had failed to disclose her parliamentary income in her Sandwell Register of Interests and had also forgotten to mention that she had taken a lease of property from Sadwell Council to use as her constituency office - there being no office space available apparently that is actually in her constituency:

Following a formal Standards Complaint, the already infamous new Monitoring Officer has decided to take no further action as Ms Gill has assured him that the non-disclosure was simply "an oversight"! She has now rectified the Register and the Monitoring Officer has given her some "advice".

Not a very good start for Greedy Gill is it readers?

She claims to have a three year lease on offices in the newly-refurbished and prestigious Lightwoods House but, at the time of writing, Sandwell are refusing to confirm via a Freedom of Information Request what would happen if there is a snap election and she loses her seat ie whether she would have personal liability for the whole three years. Of course, we taxpayers cover her rent at the moment which, helpfully, goes into the coffers of the sleazy socialist bent Council! Trebles all round!


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Formal Complaint Against Street Warden - Cockgate!

Here is a formal complaint sent this morning to Sandwell's joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton which should be self-explanatory.

Just as an aside, I did write to Kevin Dennis some time ago asking for his comments about his involvement in all this but he declined to respond. I thought he would be "up for it" noting his current job as, er, Chief Executive of Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commission!

Date: Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Formal Complaint Against Street Warden 18 - Chris Jones - and/or Persons Unknown
To: Jan Britton <>

Dear Mr Britton,

Please note that due to my grave reservations that this complaint will be ignored in the normal way under your leadership [sic] of SMBC I am taking the unusual step of placing it in the public domain.

It would be preferable not to name Warden Jones publicly but there is already serious and credible evidence of a cover-up by your bent paid service concerning this specific matter as recently as 17th August, 2016 and so people need to be aware of what is actually going on here (especially as you have declined to disclose the 2016 evidence and statements.)

Yesterday I spoke to two street wardens at Oldbury Council House. One opined that in an incident such as the one I mentioned ie Cllr Simon Hackett urinating in a bus shelter he would ALWAYS issue a fixed penalty notice as it would be grossly unfair to others if he could unilaterally let people off. He said that a notice would ALWAYS be issued and then it would "go upstairs" and it was up to "them" what happened next. He asked his colleague who had heard my specific question whether he could EVER recall a situation when HE had not issued a FPN in such circumstances and the colleague, whom I now know to be Warden 18 Chris Jones, said he could not.

At that point the two wardens were called into the security office and when they came out they declined to comment any further.

Warden Jones gave your investigators a very clear statement that he found Cllr Hackett urinating in a bus shelter. He took Hackett's details (how?) but he says he claims he was not aware that Hackett was a Councillor at that stage (which makes his failure to issue the Notice in a routine case all the more surprising.) This was "in the early hours of the morning". Cllr Hackett claims to have been too intoxicated to recall the incident.

Members of your bent paid service (though not necessarily corrupt themselves) apparently took statements from Warden Jones, Philip Gilbert, Kevin Dennis and Mark Bowhay.(I know at least one of these individuals has left the employment of SMBC.) A report states:

"Agreed facts: It is agreed that no paper records exist which record the incident"; and

"A fixed penalty notice was not issued at this point [ie when he found Hackett urinating in public] by Chris Jones.

Complaint One:

(a)  Warden Jones failed in his duty and without reasonable excuse to issue a fixed penalty notice on the spot;

(b)  There is nothing on the record to suggest why a fixed penalty notice should not have been issued on the spot but Warden Jones failed to keep any written record whatsoever of this incident so that a FPN could be issued later eg when back in the office. This was a gross dereliction of duty.

We are asked to believe that Warden Jones - who, remember, says he did not know Hackett was a Councillor at this stage - made no note of the incident whatsoever  - "no paper records exist" -  but carried the information around in his head for the rest of the night. If this is true then Complaint 1(b) applies. If he did make records and if they have been wilfully destroyed then:

Complaint Two:

(a}  On a date unknown an employee or employees of SMBC conspired to destroy official records in breach of their terms of employment and, in this case, the law in an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

On his return to the office Warden Jones had ample opportunity to issue a fixed penalty notice but did not do so. Curiously, as he states he did not know who Hackett was, he appears to have discussed the matter with a superior first. Your investigators [sic] say:

"as it was recognised [next morning] by one of the warden supervisors [unidentified] that the person stopped was a councillor."

Complaint Three:

(a)   That Warden Jones failed to issue a fixed penalty notice when he returned to the office and this was dereliction of duty;

(b)   That an unidentified warden supervisor failed to issue a fixed penalty notice at the point showing bias on behalf of a councillor and in dereliction of duty.

This part of the Complaint may be academic (unless there has been conspiracy to pervert the course of justice) since at least one of those name is no longer employed by SMBC. However, Messrs Philip Gilbert, Kevin Dennis and Mark Bowlay somehow became involved in this matter.

Complaint Four:

(a)   Messrs Gilbert, Dennis and Bowlay failed to issue or procure the issuing of a fixed penalty notice in dereliction of duty and, depending on the circumstances in an attempt to pervert the course of justice;

(b)  Showed bias in favour of a councillor and to the disadvantage of the general public in failing to issue or procure the issuing of a fixed penalty notice contrary to their contractual obligations and the law;

(c)  Failed to make and retain any written record whatsoever of their involvement in this incident in dereliction of duty.

I expect to report from you within 28 days together with confirmation of the disciplinary action you have taken against Warden Jones and/or any of the other named or identifiable participants.

In the event that Warden Jones (and others) are not immediately suspended pending the outcome of your enquiries please confirm what immediate steps YOU are taking to ensure the protection of the public from further failures of this type.

Please also formally acknowledge receipt of this complaint.

Julian Saunders

Addendum 16/01/18 - Jan Britton has yet to acknowledge receipt of this complaint.


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Monday, 8 January 2018

Lovely Smear of Jonesy by Goudie QC!

2018 in Sadders has started with a bang! Ok, more of a whimper...

The long-awaited Standards Hearing in respect of alleged misconduct by Cllr Mahboob Hussain is taking place in his absence! An application for an adjournment was made that Mahboob was unfit to attend and medical evidence was supplied. But Labour Party stalwart Geoff Lewis wasn't standing for any of that and decided the hearing should go ahead after a very long debate where the public and press were excluded. One of the grounds for the hearing proceeding was said to be the imminence of the Council elections in May......

Of course, Hussain is a busted flush. He and his family are now raking in the profits from the land deals and their other businesses with the connivance of bent West Midlands Police officers. You will see from the Eling/Marshall papers disclosed via this blog that apart from some demand for vengeance even The Sp*nk Brothers were not that worried about him anymore. I hear he does genuinely have some medical issues and also that has father has been very poorly in the last few days.  An ambulance was very recently spotted at the house. Of course, the real game - orchestrated by London-resident MP's Spellar and Watson - is to use Hussain's political downfall to denigrate and ultimately destroy Adrian Bailey MP. You will see (again from this blog) that Eling and Marshall were encouraging The Skidder to dig the dirt on "comrade" Bailey.

But in the disclosed papers you will have seen that Eling and bankrupt Marshall were desperate to destroy Cllr Ian Jones (and his family). They made a serious of highly defamatory allegations against him (some of which I cannot repeat here) and asked me to envision him "sp*nking" over fellow Cllr Maria Crompton in her bikini - which these weirdos thought would be preferable to him "doing" ie having sexual intercourse with his wife, also a Labour Councillor. In the new-look "feminist" Labour Party NO action is being taken against this pervy pair! Indeed, it is said that Labour are trying to find a Council seat for Eling's wife despite the fact that she lives in Derbyshire! (Evidence was given in the High Court and not countered that Mrs Milkman phoned Jones when he decided to stand against Eling for the leadership and said if he did not withdraw she would "destroy" him and his family!)

At the hearing there are no less than THREE mega-expensive London barristers including James "Goldmine" Goudie QC. His Junior is also acting in the ridiculous Standards Hearing against Jones (see earlier post).

Readers will remember that following my allegations the Late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper, and the head of Sandwell's deeply corrupt paid service*, Jan Britton, tried to head off the police "investigation" into the land sales etc by throwing a colossal amount of money at Wragges - an expensive firm of solicitors to provide a whitewash. They limited the scope of the instructions to Wragges eg to exclude the Cllr Rouf land deal. But things went wrong when Wragges began to see the amount of evidence of corruption, cronyism and incompetence during the Cooper/Britton era.

The ultimate report is very poorly written and glosses over some major scandals. As is usual with these things a first draft was sent out to the accused parties one of whom was Jonesy. His solicitors objected to certain allegations against him and these were removed from the final report

Due to the appalling behaviour of Mr Mark Greenburgh of Wragges, who mocked the disability of a member of Cllr Hussain's family which he attributed to "inbreeding", Jan Britton got cold feet and decided to shaft the taxpayer again by getting a QC to report for a huge fee on the, er,  costly report. Clearly the comrades would not let the instructions go to anyone other than a Labour Party "insider" and so James Goudie of that ilk (and husband of Labour Peer, Baroness Goudie) fitted the f*cking enormous bill!

"Goldmine" considered the Wragge Report and the revision to remove certain allegations against Jones relating the #boggate scandal - first disclosed in this blog from information passed to me by friends of The Milkman and Tom Watson. The QC duly stated [at 113]:

"..., in my opinion, it was both reasonable and appropriate for the Council:- .....(4) following the first draft of the [Wragge] Report, to withdraw allegations against [Cllr Jones]."

At paragraph 116 of his Opinion he went on:

"I attach a brief report as to which issues should in my opinion be considered for taking forward to the Council's Standards Committee. It should be noted that they relate only to [Hussain] and not also to Jones."

The Wragge report effectively found that Cllr Jones had NOT breached the law or the code of conduct in respect of #boggate and "Goldmine" concluded [at 142]:

"I consider that the [Wragge] Report's ultimate conclusions about [Cllr Jones] are well balanced and fair."

End of story? Now read on...

Since the first Opinion Jan Britton has authorised further huge payments to Mr Goudie and he must now realise that he has hit "the jackpot" noting the fetid swamp that is Sadders. He also got the job of defending SMBC in respect of Hussain's (failed) judicial review proceeding against the bent Council.

In criminal trials the prosecuting counsel has to be scrupulously fair to the Defendant. But here "Goldmine" recommended the action being taken against Hussain, acted in the case that defeated Hussain's objections and has been richly rewarded with the gig of "prosecuting" him!

He who pays the piper calls the tune? Oh no. It is, no doubt, entirely coincidental that "Goldmine" put his elegant shoes right into Jones's nuts today. He must surely be aware that the so-called "independent person" on the Committee is the same one sitting in judgment on Jones and yet he put the poison down at around 1 hour 58 mins on the tape when he directly said to Mr Tompkinson that Jonesy should consider himself "lucky" that he too was not facing a Standards hearing in respect of the same matters! This, as above, is directly contrary to his own written Opinion. Was it accidental that such an experienced senior lawyer tried to influence the "independent person" involved against Jones? I think he should tell us don't you readers? No doubt, in the interests of fairness Lewis will ask him. Don't hold your breath folks!

Tomorrow morning, disgraced employee and liar David Willetts is a live witness. He has given a new statement for the purpose of these proceedings but it is not clear from the papers made available to the public whether the other TWO statements he has given are in the document bundle. He gave a statement to the audit team and another to Wragge's. I hope these will be available tomorrow so folk can compare and contrast his differing versions of events.

"Goldmine" has no opposition tomorrow as Hussain is not there and is determined to "pot" Mahboob. And so his examination of Willetts - who falsified information in a Freedom of Information reply - should be interesting tomorrow particularly as he originally said in his written Opinion [at 119]:

"It is for consideration whether a claim should be pursued against [Dave Willetts] with respect to financial loss for the Council on the sale of the toilet blocks."

It seems that at some point (presumably after the death of The Scumbag who was a massive mate of our Dave) SOMEONE at SMBC apparently suggested that a raid should be made on Willett's taxpayer-funded pension fund to compensate the Council and it seems that this threat persuaded him not to give live evidence to the audit committee? Surely it cannot be the case that he has been offered immunity from action if he dubs in Mahboob? Or can it? This is a matter for Lewis to investigate - if he and the comrades really believe in fairness! "Lol."


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