Monday, 14 August 2017

Cooper Conned The C*ck-Suckers!

Darren Cooper was as thick as the canine sh*t he was so obsessed with. Despite his behaviour (known to most of his Labour "comrades") like knocking about his first wife, he mysteriously became leader of bent Sandwell Council under the tutelage of puppet-master, Mahboob Hussain.

Even though he was an evil man he inexplicably had a coterie of powerful friends like Mr Keith Harrison who purports to be "the editor" of The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers (aka The Express and Star), Chief Constable Clouseau of West Midlands Police (have you figured out why his vicious trolling campaign suddenly stopped on Easter weekend, 2016 yet Dave Thompson "lol"?) and many senior figures in the Labour Party (who obviously are prepared to forgive a bit of wife-beating etc for electoral success).

Unbelievably he wanted to become an MP even though current leader Steve Eling said: "he was so thick he could hardly read a sentence". When he was thwarted in this deluded project he had to find another outlet for his malignant narcissism and he decided to run for the post of West Midlands Mayor (yes, the one none of us wanted).

Back in 2015 prior to the election that May Cooper was paranoid about UKIP and Jan Britton (the Returning Officer for the election) allowed him to use Sandwell Council's email system to rally the troops when The C*ck-Suckers put up one of their clickbait polls about voting intentions. Cooper wrote to Cllr Pete Hughes via urging him to get everyone to go onto the paper's site to vote. Of course, these pathetic grovellers never disobeyed the Smethwick Scumbag and so "Zorro" duly forwarded the mail on to all comrades urging then to get a'clickin:

Hughes sent the mail to a mixture of private and council emails addresses.

But come the doomed Mayoral bid Dickhead Daz had a "techie" on board - Mr Andrew Hipkiss of the Yew Tree Estate. He is the chap who says he is so mentally-ill he can't work yet spends 18 hours a day tweeting about how wonderful Labour are. So Cooper didn't need to email the comrades when The C*ck-Suckers showed him trailing in third place in another clickbait poll:

Yes, Hipkiss then told us all how to con the Express and Star and rig the poll. Apparently you have to clear your computer's cache after each time you vote and then you can rig the poll. Suddenly Cooper's rating's started to dramatically improve:

Hipkiss was also heavily involved with Turdy in his long-running illegal social media trolling campaign against me and my wife (as was known to West Midlands Police). Cooper - still technically a mental health nurse - continued to encourage the "mentally-ill" Hipkiss in this destructive behaviour even calling him his "guru". (The Skidder team were preparing a complaint to the Nursing and Midwifery Council about Cooper and also asking whether he might have come across Hipkiss professionally and was abusing that relationship. His non-resurrection on Easter Sunday 2016 at least saved us that job).

But Hipkiss loves to show people how clever he is and so couldn't resist tweeting when he had rigged the poll in the Scumbag's favour:

Once again it was to no avail as even the Labour Party couldn't countenance a total moron as their candidate and Cooper lost out again (although Labour still made the disastrous choice of Tom Watson's mate Sion Simon to run and we all know how well that went "lol"!)

I had urged West Midlands Police to investigate Cooper on a number of occasions and when he died I rushed to contact an Inspector on the alleged fraud investigation suggesting that the Police immediately secure the woman-bullying thug's phone and computer. This the Inspector refused to do. But, despite his huge quivering bulk Jan Britton moved a lot faster on this occasion and he or his staff deliberately destroyed the evidence of Cooper's trolling (and who knows what other corruption) from his phone and email. His bent paid service have confirmed that Cooper's phone was immediately "cleansed"! Yet again, well played bent WMP!

And finally:

Mention of Hipkiss reminded my of Cooper's notorious tweet about travellers:

Steve Eling and Richard Marshall have been bragging about their tough line on the travelling community except in one case.....

Regular readers will know that Jan Britton's bent paid service sold a valuable plot of land at Lodge Street, Oldbury, to Cllr Hussain's son who is currently building 14 houses there and making a killing. But Cabinet Member Marshall (the bankrupt) contacted me at one point and was in jovial mood as he recounted that the comrades were considering a transient camp at the back of the development and was joking as to what effect this would have on the house sale prices

At about this time I queried on Twitter whether any air quality tests had been done on the site noting that it is directly underneath the M5. Cllr Marshall contacted me again:

"Lollzzz. I saw your tweet about the air quality at his houses by the motorway and I thought air quality will be the last thing on their minds when travellers are shitting in the back gardens"!!!!

It's all charm and sophistication with your Labour Councillors isn't it Sadwell folk?


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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Skidder Shorts #31 - Skidder in the High Court!

Well fancy that - The Skidder made it into the High Court judgment in the case of Mahboob Hussain -v- Sandwell Council! I am sure my old chum Bob Woods is choking on his vin rouge at the prospect of Mr Justice Green pouring over my florid prose!

Here are the relevant paragraphs. Note especially now the Judge has upgraded Crocketts Lane in sh*tty Smethwick to the rather more agreeable "Croquet Lane"!

Funny old world - which bring me to the strange case of the alleged kidnapping of the model by a Polish bloke resident of dear old Sadders which is in the news at the moment. In a classic piece in the Sunday Times a local resident described how the accused walked around with a rat perched on his shoulder and added: "that was odd, even for round here"!!!!!


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Andy Street's Nice New Friends

The West Midlands didn't want a Mayor but we got one forced on us anyway. Just 26.68% of the electorate bothered to vote in the ensuing contest when Andy Street defeated Tom Watson's candidate, the hapless Sion Simon.

Our Andy, who somehow forgot to tell the electorate that his main residence if far from the canine sh*t-smeared streets of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") in the charming Northamptonshire village of Flore, has recently been on a trade mission to Canada - no doubt funded by us taxpayers. Mr Paul Faulkner tweeted that there was "huge potential" for West Midlands businesses to make money in the, er, world's 10th largest economy which also shares our language. Now just fancy that.... They are clever these bods aren't they?

The participants haven't been bragging about winning any deals but have allegedly made some "wonderful connections". Sounds like Trump-speak (aka b*llocks) eh readers?

It is not unusual for Tories to promote dodgy businesses and Street was happy to be photographed promoting Gowling WLG - whom regular Skidderati will know better as the authors of the useless and mega-expensive Wragge Report into some of the allegations of corruption at bent Labour Sandwell Council. Jan Britton is trying, as per, to duck the bullet for giving Wragge's very restrictive terms of reference claiming that this was all down to former assistant chief exec "lol" Melanie Dudley. He is also declining to say how much the wretched thing cost. Let us also not forget that the Report - and the equally eye-watering fees then paid to a QC to comment on it - would not have been necessary if Jan Britton had actually been doing his highly-paid job. He claims (though he has seemingly never been interviewed under caution by the police) that he didn't know that the fraud and corruption was going on but as he had his tongue up Cooper's arse for seven years he wouldn't have, would he?

(Britton has still not been dismissed without compensation allegedly because he has "too much" on new Leader [sic] Steve Eling - whatever that means.)

All white on the night!

Hold tight readers and adopt brace position - I am going to say something in support of Mahboob Hussain! After racking up huge legal fees Jan Britton considered pulling the whole thing because of a disgusting comment by the lead Solicitor and Partner from Wragge's - Mark Greenburgh.

Britton didn't trouble to put the contract to write the Report out to tender. Ironically, Greenburgh was a Tory Council Leader back in the day!

This is what Britton wrote to the late Smethwick Scumbag - and this featured as part of the evidence in the recent High Court Case between Hussain and Sadwell:

"You will recall that, at our meeting with Mr Greenburgh on 22nd October 2015, he made a passing quip about the disabilities of Cllr Hussain's daughter and her children being due to inbreeding. While Mr Greenburgh did not explicitly relate this comment to race, religion or ethnicity, it was inappropriate, offensive and entirely unnecessary in the context of our discussion."

Somehow the incompetent Britton, a bourgeois white man, felt able in the end to decide that this astonishingly awful "quip" was not racist. Judge for yourselves readers? The very fact that this shocking statement from a partner in a major law firm was downgraded to the status of being merely a "quip" is, in itself, a pure example of institutional racism. Anyway he decided that mocking a councillor's disabled relatives was apparently ok and let the gravy train roll on....

Leaving aside his professional abilities you have to question the judgement of someone who makes such a remark in ANY context let alone in a business meeting with the head honchos of a council (even if the two in question were jokes themselves).

But Britton and Cooper allowed Wragge's to complete the report and earn shed loads more money on the basis that Britton would then instruct a QC to advise on whether the report might be biased and whether it should be released. This has cost the taxpayer a further king's ransom in fees to Leading Counsel.

I am not sure why this has not been reported to the Law Society and I am now doing so. As Britton and Eling are trying to keep the costs of all this secret I am writing to the Senior Partner of Wragges asking that, if all this is indeed true, the fees and subsequent QC's costs be refunded to the taxpayer. I am sure Mr Greenburgh will also want to make a public apology to Cllr Hussain and his family.

(To be fair to Wragge's, Cooper and Britton didn't want the report to be released and may have been clutching at straws to prevent disclosure. The late woman-bullying thug was also not averse to making things up.)

Despite the pisspoor report Wragge's are doing similar work for other councils up and down the country. Let us hope the taxpayer is not still putting money in Mr Greenburgh's bulging pockets! Still, at least Andy is trying to drum up a bit more business for them. So that's alright.

Melanie Dudley

I mention Melanie Dudley above. In an earlier blog I asked how she was being allowed to shaft us taxpayers royal:

She was on a good screw thanks to Dickhead Daz despite her limitations. But she apparently decided on her own leaving date and the Late Smethwick Scumbag did a secret deal to pay her off (and, no doubt, to keep her mouth shut). But if she was leaving voluntarily why was she entitled to any extra money from the taxpayer at all? Inevitably Steve Eling and Jan Britton are refusing to say but here are the draft accounts for the last financial year:

This appears to show that Steve Eling has forked out over a quarter of a million pounds in severance payments to just five employees and a whopping £82,791 to Mel. The Milkman has some explaining to do here - so come on Eling, spill the beans!

More From The Sandwell Stone Age:

I think some councillors need an LGBT awareness course. Steve "The Milkman" Eling and Richard Marshall were very keen on me discrediting Eling's opponents in the brutal Labour Civil War still raging in Sadders and provided me with sundry information to that end. They were keen for me to establish if it was true that a current councillor has been "doing a Cashmore" (so-called after ex-councillor Lying Lucy Cashmore who gave a false address and, with police assistance, managed to get four years of expenses and allowances from the taxpayer by alleging she lived with her parents - Cllrs Linda and Roger Horton - in Sandwell when, in fact, she was living with her husband (a Sadwell employee) and her kids just down the road from me in South Birmingham).

Eling and Marshall believed that a male councillor was living outside the Borough. Richard Marshall sent me his car make and registration number to assist me in my enquiries which had already established that the Councillor appeared to be in a relationship with a transsexual/transgender person (so what?) Or as Cllr Marshall put it, "do you also know he has a cock in a frock?"


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Saturday, 5 August 2017

The BBC & Richard Marshall

We have seen so many times how The Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers - aka The Express and Star - have been happy to act as a propaganda sheet for the bent Labour Council in Sandwell but, with a couple of notable exceptions, the lefties at the local BBC have also kept their heads well below the parapet in respect of the fraud and corruption during the seven-year long Cooper/Britton era. Indeed, BBC Midlands Today even blocked a Twitter account tangentially connected to The Skidder on behalf of the late Smethwick Scumbag, Darren Cooper:

On 7th November, 2016 I did a short blog following a piece in the ever-brilliant Private Eye Magazine where they fingered a number of councillors up and down the country who had failed to pay their, er, Council Tax. Many councils had replied under the Freedom of Information Act to Private Eye but Steve Eling and Jan Britton showed the usual contempt for the FOI Act and declined to name and shame a councillor who had been summonsed to attend court for non-payment.

I put up a short blog asking for information. My guess was that it was a certain high-ranking councillor who is often financially-challenged and I asked Cllr Richard Marshall if it was Cllr "X"? Richard went all coy. In the meantime, it seems a local BBC "journalist" had also picked up on the story.

I then had two calls from Richard Marshall. In the first he fessed up to the fact that he was the miscreant and begged me not to run the story because of distress it would cause to his wife. I mentioned to him that I understood the BBC were also sniffing round the story.

Cabinet member and Eling's right-hand man Marshall gave me a massive sob story relating to the death of his wife's mother which, at the time, I took to possibly be true. I told him I was running with the story and he begged me "just please don't mention my wife". I agreed to this as I understood the summons to have been in his sole name anyway and ran the blog post exposing what new leader Steve "Drain The Swamp" Eling and Britton had tried hard to hush-up.

Of course, we now know some of the real reasons for Marshall's non-payment:

But the high-powered Councillor also wrote this to me (my emphasis) about the non-payment:

"I spoke to [named BBC journalist] and explained to him and he was sympathetic and said if he was made to run with it he'd say it was a genuine oversight due to postal issues."

So this is what you pay your licence fee for folks if Marshall is telling the truth (!). The local BBC News team will invent stories to protect Sandwell Labour Councillors! Thank heavens you have Private Eye and The Skidder giving you the real stories, eh readers?

Incidentally, the actual court summons was issued when the woman-bullying thug Cooper was still alive and some councillors are under the impression that he lent Marshall the money to pay the arrears. Marshall denies this but you can put as much weight on his utterances as you like following his disastrous court case. As before, we know the Scumbag never did anything altruistically and so we can only guess what "services" Tricky Dicky was expected to perform in return.

Today, I also received some information from inside the Labour Party. This is from Marshall "groupie" Cllr Bob Piper plus my question to him and I wonder what else Labour doesn't want to tell Sandwell voters?

Incidentally, I am always happy to set the record straight. Comrade Piper recently took grave exception to me calling him a "crypto-communist" and so happy to simply amend that to "communist".

And finally, a Sandwell Employee called Tara Malik has allegedly been taking a great interest in my doings. All info on this welcome. Also would the three people who called the Skidder and left messages recently please call back as the voicemail messages are unclear.


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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Hussain - New Property Mystery!

One recurring feature of the property sales by Jan Britton's bent paid service in the Rotten Borough of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") to family and friends of Cllr Mahboob Hussain is the appearance of Mr Anthony Hope as "design agent" in sundry planning applications connected therewith. No doubt he is simply supplying "professional planning services" and has no knowledge of the dubious circumstances of the various transactions. Nevertheless it is a pity corrupt West Midlands Police did not invite him to voluntarily give evidence to the joke "fraud inquiry" as to what he actually knew and to clear his own name from the taint of connection to Sandwell's most infamous amnesiac.

We also know that Nick Bubalo, the highly-paid Director of Regeneration [sic], was directly involved in all the bent transactions - some to Hussain's son, Azeem Hafeez, who worked [sic] in his own department. Bubalo and Hafeez say that all the transactions were open and above board. Nevertheless, Bubalo should have been interviewed under caution by The Cowards in Blue (with Britton, Scarrott, Dudley, Sharma and Willetts to name but a few). And still should be....

We must assume at this stage that Bubalo was innocent of any wrongdoing and was merely totally incompetent in not noticing what was going on (known locally as "the Jan Britton Defence"). At one point I wrote to Bubalo asking why, in some of these transactions (eg Bog-gate) false declarations of property ownership were being made on subsequent planning applications. 

On the planning applications the applicant or his/her agent has, in usual circumstances, to sign a declaration that the applicant has owned the property for 21 days prior to the date of the application (there are exceptions to this which are irrelevant here). I showed Bubalo instances of obviously false declarations and his reply was "so what?" which begs the question why our Parliament bothered to pass Article 12 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010 but then we know that Jan Britton's rogue staff like to consider that the law of the land does not apply to them.

Regular readers will know that Cllr Hussain himself and Cllr Simon "The Sandwell Slasher" Hackett made the decision to sell the old Coroner's Office on Crockett's Lane in Smethwick. The task was delegated to Bubalo and now disgraced Council Solicitor, Neeraj Sharma. Happily, they were able to sell the site at an undervalue to Cllr Hussain's son who, as above, worked in Bubalo's own department (see blog posts passim).

I pointed out one little mystery in earlier posts. Hussain's son split the plot of land in two for Land Registration map purposes. He showed the land with the building on it separately from the patch of land behind. As he did this straight away he seems to have envisaged disposing of part of the land and hanging onto the other bit himself. (Incidentally, Mr Alex Homer of the BBC seems not to be able to get his head round this when writing about this bent deal but then he did train with The Wolverhampton Express and Star where his principal training seems to have been the use of his tongue to rim the anus of his "friend" Darren, the late scumbag leader [sic] of corrupt Labour Sadwell!)

Jan Britton's bent paid service legally transferred the land to fellow employee, Hussain's son, on 10th May, 2013. The title was registered in the name of Azeem Hafeez on 6th June, 2013.

But an informant recently drew my attention to a planning application of 2013.

On 28th June, 2013 Mr Anthony Hope submitted a planning application (which he had signed on 27th June, 2013) to convert the building on the land at the front of the site to a chicken slaughterhouse (clucking hell, I hear you say!). But the applicant was not Azeem Hafeez but one "Mohism Khan":

Not only that but Mr Hope made a clearly false declaration of ownership which he signed on 27th June, 2013 saying Khan had owned the land for 21 days - which he most certainly had not as it was owned by Cllr Hussain's son throughout that period.

I have done numerous searches to track down "Mohism Khan" without success and so please contact The Skidder if you know who he is (assuming. of course, that he exists at all but, no doubt, Mr Hope has his contact details.)

Now we know Hope did extensive work for the Hussain family on their property deals. He drew plans for this site - again naming the client as "Mohism Khan" in April, 2013 - before Britton's bent service sold it to Azeem on 10th May, 2013 and yet he somehow made a false declaration. How did this happen?

The fact that Azeem had plans for the site is the probable reason why the land was divided on registration.

Of course, The Cowards in Blue failed to look into this when a senior officer or officers intervened to pull the fraud investigation. The Skidder and others continue to lobby for bent West Midlands Police to be removed from all investigations connected with the Cooper/Britton regime and for an independent outside force to be brought in.

You don't have to take my word for the police corruption - just heed the exact words of new "leader" Steve Eling's right-hand man, Cabinet Member, Cllr Richard Marshall (which I repeat without any imputation of wrongdoing by the persons named - fellow councillors of Mr Marshall - or the truth thereof but as an example of the view of West Midlands Police held at the very top of Sandwell Council):

"The Jones [sic] and Manboobs [sic] have it in for me big style they've sussed what I'm upto [sic]. They have high ranking officers still in their pockets".


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