Thursday, 19 October 2017

Skidder Shorts #32 - Guns'n'Red Roses

I love the posturing of the likes of Socialist Landlord Cllr John "Jedward" Edwards and Sadwell's class clown, Cllr Bob Piper, who seem to strive to outdo each other in their tear-stained paeans of praise for "economic imbecile" Jeremy Corbyn - the thick backbencher who has never run a tap nor achieved anything in a long life and parliamentary "career" as an ultra-left, but very middle-class, contrarian.

Corbyn loves hanging out with terrorist organisations and has been happy to give succour to the IRA, PIRA, Hamas and Hezbollah. The latter are doing a "marvellous" job at the moment killing folk in Syria and propping up the regime of another of Corbyn's mates, President Bashar al-Assad. Here is the scruffy Messiah - looking like he has just got out of somebody's bed - grovelling to the man himself:

But the terrorists' friend masquerades as a man of peace and principle. Thus - apart from arms supplies for his armed terrorist groups and militias - this bullsh*tter wants "ethical exports" of arms ("lol") if any at all. He has been particularly exercised (insofar as he has the intellectual capacity to form an opinion that is not fed to him by his Trotskyist advisors) with arms exports to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States.

But many of his backbenchers - you know, all the ones who think he is a tw*t - were up in,er, arms last week with the announcement of major job losses at weapon-peddlars BAE Systems. Many Labour MP's spoke to express their undying love for the arms industry (at least until they are on the wrong end of a drone strike). And Cllr Piper's MP, the wealthy London resident and ex-public school toff, John Spellar was quick to join in. The man who purports to represent Warley (that's in the sh*thole that is Labour Sandwell) from a long way away said this just the other day and it is worth looking at his exact words:

Yes, London Boy wants to sell MORE weapons to one of the vilest regimes in the world, Saudi Arabia! Still, a lovely tribute to that other "man of peace" Tony Blair.... (Hope the Corbyn communist cell, Bearwood Momentum, don't read that!)

Of course, this is in no way affected by his affiliation with the State of Israel (so hated by the large number of anti-semites now taking control of his poor old Labour Party) who fear a resurgent Iran far more than they worry about the Riyadh reactionaries. Indeed, as a "Friend of Israel" who goes on many paid trips to support the Tel Aviv regime he will be, like them, very worried indeed by the colossal arsenal - particularly of rockets - collected by the Tehran-backed militia, er, Hezbollah!!!! Oh but hang on a minute - aren't they Jezza's mates????

All a bit of a mess isn't it? Oh, Jeremy Corbyn.....

If you have enjoyed reading this post (or even if you haven't but have a conscience) please consider helping out the Justice4the21 campaign who are looking for funds in their longstanding fight to get to the truth about what happened on that dreadful night when Corbyn's mates murdered so many Brummies. They are embroiled - even NOW - in legal disputes about the Inquest and so on!! Go to:


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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spunk on Comrade Maria!

This post is interesting (I hope) on a number of levels dealing with a range of issues from the sheer viciousness of Cllr Eling's new regime to the important matters of governance discussed by councillors at Local Government Association (LGA) talkshops."Lol".

I also have to deal here with an apology and half an apology to Cllr Ian Jones. Dealing with the latter first and touching on something I wrote about earlier, the Eling regime have been trying to hang Ian J out to dry in respect of Boggate - even though Eling, Cllr Piper and joke Chief Executive, Jan Britton, were aware of the bog sales from April, 2012. This blog has pilloried Cllr Jones for his comments on local radio that the infamous valuation of the bogs was done AFTER the sale. This was undoubtedly an error by him and, as an experienced senior Councillor, he should have realised that what he was saying was, at the very least, extremely odd. When challenged on air, he made the further blunder of trying to bluster his was out - making the whole thing even worse. But below the subscription is the FULL text of the briefing prepared for him via our old friend Nick Bubalo and involving at least two other  SMBC employees, Ken Tudor and Maxine Bartley. You will see where Cllr Jones became confused - he was specifically told the valuation had been done "later" and was not intended for "negotiation purposes" (so what was the point?) As it was - the valuation WAS referred to in negotiations but effectively ignored by Britton's out of control staff.

Eling, Marshall (and possibly Piper) are also trying to hammer Jones for saying that the sale was subject to restrictive covenants but you will see that he was very clearly told this by Jan Britton's bent paid service. He was only saying what Council employees were telling him.

And so half an apology here. Ian Jones was directly mislead by employees but, with his experience, he should have questioned the briefing before going on live radio.

Moving on, most readers will know that Yvonne Davies contested the leadership of the Sandwell Dictatorship against Eling following the death of the Wife-Beater. I wrote to Mr John Stolliday, the Labour Party apparatchik who was sent to "oversee" the coronation of Eling, sorry, the election contest, about a number of irregularities in the process but he has declined to comment and referred me to the national Party machine.

As we have seen in "The Eling/Marshall Files" etc, Cllrs Eling and Marshall had a meeting with The Skidder and asked me to lay off them and the corrupt Council and to concentrate this blog's attacks on Eling's opponents. They said they would supply me with "bullets" to fire at various comrades who dared to oppose The Milkman, particularly Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones. They duly forwarded information to me for that purpose.

A small digression for the benefit of Mr Keith Vaughan of Sadwell Tories. I understand that gentleman is a trained lawyer and he will understand the concept of "cogency" of evidence. In his otherwise admirable blogs on the Sadwell Labour disaster he keeps questioning whether I am telling the truth or not. Here is a little vignette which may help him decide noting that anything Sadwell Liebour touch usually ends up in a cock-up (and I am not talking about the notorious "Shaggers" here). When Eling asked to meet me, a third party broker arranged the meeting out of Sandwell and he and I duly met at The Windsor pub in Birmingham City Centre. There was no sign of The Milkman and a phone call quickly elicited that he and Marshall were sitting in, er, The Windsor pub in Bearwood!!! What's the old saying about "couldn't organise a piss-up...."

When Cllr Marshall was made bankrupt he allegedly offered his resignation to Eling who, bizarrely, refused to accept it. As this blog has shown, Tricky Dicky apologised to comrades at a Liebour Group meeting but Cllr Yvonne Davies rightly questioned his ridiculous version of events and attempted to tell her comrades the, er, truth. She was shouted down - with Eling himself screaming at her - and the comrades voted to eject her from the meeting.

We saw how vindictive Sandwell Labour were under The Smethwick Scumbag (but at least he had the excuse of having sh*t for brains) but it seems Eling is even worse. Not content with asking the whips to punish Yvonne for trying to tell the, er, truth the Politburo fell back on a tried and tested Sadders trick where "letters" of complaint are suddenly received complaining of a Councillor's conduct (look what happened to former Cllrs Mick Davies and Jayne Wilkinson, for example).

Thus to bolster Eling's attempt to destroy Cllr Davies up pop two non-entity Councillors with complaints. Someone called "Cllr Ann Shackleton" [who the f*ck is she? - Ed] wrote that she had inadvertently walked into a disciplinary meeting of the whips and Yvonne Davies and that Yvonne has shouted at her to "get out".  Poor diddums! This is what the jelly-like Shackleton said in her bullshit letter - and please note this especially, given what I go on to say below:

"Surely such behaviour does not meet the standard expected of a Labour Councillor. No form of abuse or harassment is accepted within the Council ["lol" - Ed] and I see this incident as yet another example of Councillor Davies bringing the Council and particularly the Labour Group into disrepute. She has overstepped the mark."

Just like buses, you wait for ages for one written complaint and then two come along together. Up pops Cllr Carol "The Debtor" Goult, another like Marshall who cannot control her personal finances and was subject to a form of insolvency proceedings called an "Individual Voluntary Arrangement".

The Debtor tried to gatecrash the AGM of the Barlows Trust even though she had no legal locus to do so and Yvonne Davies objected "in quite an aggressive manner". The thin-skinned Goult found this "humiliating and upsetting" and reported this trivial nonsense to the Whips.

Compare and contrast this with the behaviour of Eling and Marshall providing information for me to attack fellow Councillors and Liebour Party members via this blog and social media. More anon but a couple of other matters before we come to the punchline.

Over the last couple of nights I have been asking some of the Sadwell sheep why they are ignoring the truth about Marshall (I am putting a number of the exchanges on my YouTube account "terminustrading" so you can take a look yourselves.) Note for example, the exchange with Cllr Melia who seemed to be unfazed by the fact that Marshall had already spun the comrades what is known in the trade as "a load of b*llocks".

Last night I had an interesting discussion with one of the fully-paid-up members of The Sandwell Shaggers, Cllr David Hosell. He said he would only believe things "that he saw with his own eyes" which presumably means that he doesn't believe the Battle of Stalingrad ever happened. He stuck to this line even when I pointed out that many of my revelations about Marshall came from court papers and many stories were from HIS own statements eg how he very gallantly shagged a woman who was - he says - desperately egging him on (although he usually refers to sexual intercourse with a female as "doing" her). See my post, "She Was Gagging For It!":

Actually Buster, Eling and Marshall left you alone. The only reference I can find to you (perhaps not surprisingly as you are a nonentity within the High Command) is a reference to your alleged sexual proclivities which followed on from yet another of their scatalogical attacks on Cllrs Ian and Olwen Jones (Liebour Party members). Eling and Marshall made a joke about their alleged proclivities and their address (which they have got wrong as they live in Pound Road):

Oh, and by the way Cllr Hosell, I have a small queue forming of people and/or their solicitors anxious for me to give evidence concerning Eling and Marshall's campaign. Only yesterday I delivered a 23-page statement to a Solicitor's office in Birmingham. You and the rest of the pusillanimous sheep may have to start believing it all soon.....

You can lead horses to water Yvonne, but you can't make them drink.... The cowardly comrades ignored the truth and voted on Monday night by 43 to 17 to suspend Yvonne from the Labour Group "indefinitely" - surely a decision that must be susceptible to legal challenge?

My understanding in that some Sandwell Councillors have tried to complain to the whips about Eling and Marshall's smear campaign but the whips - led by ludicrous "Socialist Landlord" John "Jedward" Edwards - are apparently using the potential for unspecified "legal action" to avoid taking any action against them. It seems that this stems from blatant political interference from supposedly politically-neutral joke Chief Exec, Jan Britton. He crossed the line yet again to write to all Councillors claiming there was legal action contemplated in the light of my disclosures about Eling & Marshall. Here is the actual overtly political email written in his capacity as Chief Exec:

Britton had written this on or around 25th August, 2017. Readers may, like myself and a number of councillors who received this, have been under the impression that the Council were planning some sort of action against me. I did a Freedom of Information request which, curiously, drew a response from the useless supremo himself saying that there were NO documents relating to any such police complaint. (This matter is ongoing as Britton failed to mention in the FOI reply the above document FFS!) I say that this email was a blatant political attempt from an officer of the Council to stifle any action against Eling and Marshall. What do you think, readers?

And we return to my full apology to Cllr Ian Jones for my own obscene reference in what follows but this all needs to be in the public domain given the vile nature of what Eling and Marshall were up to. Sorry Ian and I will buy you a pint if you will permit me.

By way of background, Eling and Marshall were sending me a considerable amount of what they perceived to be damaging stuff about Cllr Ian Jones, his wife Cllr Olwen Jones and his son, Cllr Steven Jones including information of a clearly personal nature. They picked up that Ian and Olwen had gone to Tenerife to celebrate Ian's 65th Birthday and that Cllrs Maria Crompton and Peter Allen were joining them. I will leave it to you readers to decide whether this constitutes abuse and harassment as per the Saintly Ann Shackleton and whether Jedward should finally pull his tongue out of Eling's anus and take some action:

They then sent me copy social media references:

There followed a short exchange where Eling and Marshall confirmed that Cllrs Crompton and Allen's cards were "marked":

On 8th October, 2016 Eling and Marshall returned to the theme:

Not content with this obscenity they wanted to, er, rub it in with further insult to both Maria and Olwen:

For good measure they exhorted me again to attack them on social media:

Marshall, by his own admission, continues to disperse his evil seed amongst the women of Sadders but he hasn't got the balls to resign (and he is desperate for the money anyway now he is bankrupt). Eling can't sack him as he was complicit in the whole thing. Jedward is firing blanks. Talk about bringing the Council and the Labour Group into disrepute, eh Ann?


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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

HELP - Sandwell Kids In Danger!

Please join us tonight between 5pm and 5.50pm to show solidarity with the 6,226 victims of reported child abuse in Labour Sandwell over the last 5 years. We are meeting outside Oldbury Council House before the full Council meeting. Please tell your friends. Please start a dialogue about this sh*t with your communities. This has to stop.





Breaking news:

I understand the Sandwell sheep ignored all the evidence about Richard Marshall last night and shafted Yvonne Davies instead - suspending her from the Liebour Party for telling the, er, truth about him! More to follow....

Smethwick etc Calendars

The Skidder does not do adverts to maintain total independence and I am not getting paid for this (but I won't say no to a pint of Citra in The Wellie, Andy!) Many readers associated with Bearwood and Warley Woods know Andy Maxam and, as ever, he has produced some cracking local calendars for the coming year. Here is the local one:

You can find out more at:

(I am sure if any local traders are happy to take copies for sale, Andy would be pleased to hear from you).


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Friday, 13 October 2017

The History Boys.... (and Gals)

When the annals (or anals) of Sandwell's bent Labour Council are scratched into vellum historians will need a record of the infamy of its weirdo Councillors. They will not find this in such organs as The Express and Star as the Wolverhampton C*ck-Suckers kowtow to the allegedly "Socialist" Dictatorship at all times. Accordingly, The Skidder attempts to throw the odd morsel towards eternity and here is a very odd document indeed!

I am still trying to get to the true facts surrounding Cllr Steve Eling's disputed election as Fuhrer. He had been happy to stay in the background pulling the strings during the bent Cooper/Britton era and, as we have seen, he was raking in the cash as Deputy Leader whilst failing to also notice the horrors going on in Rotherham - another Labour-basket case where he works. I say that he was "happy" but many people were physically scared of the bullying late "Leader", the Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper, and it seems that The Milkman never had the cojones to wield a broken pinta bottle against Dickhead Daz despite the alleged promptings of Lady Macbeth up in the Belper "Summer Palace". With Mahboob Hussain "indisposed" Eling apparently thought he would be a shoe-in for the top job....

At the moment The Labour Party are refusing to clarify small matters like the mystery of his late nomination paper and how the one that was submitted allegedly contained the name "Chris Worsey" crossed out and Eling's name scribbled in by an unknown hand (there are some mischievous souls who allege this was done by a member of Jan Britton's bent paid service even though this was a purely party political matter.....)

As we now know (see, for example, "The Eling/Marshall Files" on this blog) Eling was cacking himself about hanging on to the top job and, amongst other things, tried to enlist The Skidder to direct withering fire against "the opposition".

And well he might since a copy of a very "hard-hitting" petition to The Labour Party has reached The Skidder dating from early 2016 which shows that Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones enjoyed very considerable support amongst the comrades! And the document is of interest to Oldbury Kremlinologists (a) in showing who didn't sign and (b) those who Eling and Marshall have sought to bring onto "their" side.

Thus neither Dickhead Daz himself nor Eling and Marshall appear as signatories. Tom Watson's robots Hackett and Moore (the man who would be King) are missing from the list. Curiously, Sandwell Labour's very own Robespierre is missing although his new bezzie mates on Audit, Jaron and Gavan, are there. Preet Kaur Gill railed against this grave injustice prior to becoming an MP.

In the Eling/Marshall papers it was shown that by August, 2016 Costigan had switched "sides": "She's on our side but the Jones's don't know it" as Eling & Marshall breathlessly reported. The defection of lickspittle Peter Hughes was even the subject of mirth outside Wetherspoons.

Of course, some of the usual suspects, or "them tw*ts" as Eling & Marshall call them, like Peter Allen and Maria Crompton are still on the naughty step.

Gunpowder, treason and plot.....

Please note that for security reasons I have cropped the petition to remove the actual signatures.

Another Historical Gem

Given the dreadful record of Jan Britton's bent paid service in respect of Freedom of Information requests it was a shock to receive a (poor) reply to one from the great man himself!!! Those of you who gamely ploughed through "The Eling/Marshall Files" will know that they boasted of a campaign of investigations against, inter alia, Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones and made it quite plain that they were using the taxpayer-funded staff at corrupt Sandwell Council to do their bidding. Hence the following FOI which I submitted:

"Dear Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council,
Cllrs Eling (Leader) and Cllr Marshall (Cabinet Member) informed me that, nothwithstanding the huge costs relating to the "Wragge Report", they were intent on finding information to discredit Cllrs Hussain, Ian Jones and others and that they were making extensive use of the staff within the internal audit department to that end. Indeed Cllr Marshall wrote on 14th September, 2016 that he and Cllr Eling "made a conscious decision to hit them with something new each week which we've achieved."
1 Please disclose all documents* relating to these enquiries and subsequent ones to the date hereof. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing please specifically disclose all records of communications passing between Cllr Eling and/or Cllr Marshall and SMBC staff (specifically including Chief Executive Jan Britton) relating to these investigations.
2 Again without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing Cllr Marshall wrote on 20th January, 2017 "we have picked up more dodgy house deals for [Cllr] Rouf family today." Please ensure that all documents relating to these investigations are fully disclosed.
3 Once again without prejudice to the generality of (1) above, Cllr Marshall wrote on 6th December, 2016 "[Cllr] Mahboob Hussain house/land deal was rigged. Council received four bids, his was indeed the highest but the three where it has become apparent off his family members." Please ensure that all unredacted documents relating to this investigation are included in your disclosure.
As ever, and to save costs, I am happy to attend Oldbury Council House in person to view the relevant documents."
Given the response from Britton himself it would appear that he is saying that Eling and Marshall have been lying about this since they allegedly never instructed any staff to make any investigations! The matter continues but I thought you would like to see the actual response!


1   On 15th August, 2016 Eling and Marshall (via Marshall) informed me: "some dodgy f*ckers in Democratic Services. I just hope we can out them all." Does anyone know of any employees who have gone from that department since that date please?

2   As before, I understand that John Edwards and his gang of bullies (aka "Sandwell Whips Office") are still trying to attack Yvonne Davies for telling comrades the, er, truth so just another couple of actual FACTS about bankrupt Cllr Richard Marshall. Firstly, The C*ck-Suckers and others repeated Marshall's false trail that he was bankrupt solely because of the court case (ie the one where he caved in immediately before trial). Indeed, that led to judgment against him (through his own lies and shocking conduct) of nearly £80k. But this blog has showed that he had a mountain of  other debt too and that his wife also had three recent CCJ's (she was a co-defendant in the court case and also surrendered just before trial). We have also shown that Marshall never mentioned to the Court a debt of nearly £6k to a former near neighbour (oops!). Leaving aside all his unsecured debts he actually has formal legal charges on his house of  £132,957! That's nearly £53k MORE than the judgement sum!!!

Like most Sadwell Labour councillors he had the nose in the trough before Eling mysteriously made him a Cabinet "member" and so got the usual "special responsibility" "lol" payments from us taxpayers. In the year to the end of March, 2016 the taxpayer paid him £17,324.17 (£1,443.68 per month) which he arranged to be paid into his wife's bank account. But on a court examination on 18th May, 2016 he officially told the court that this sum amounted to the lesser sum of £1,076.00 per month and tried to use this to REDUCE an offer to his unfortunate victim. Clearly as at 18th May, 2016 he was, er, unaware that Eling was about to appoint him to the joke Sandwell Cabinet just one week later and that his earnings would INCREASE from the taxpayer to £2,065.36 per month! Kerching! He also forgot to tell the court about that at subsequent bankruptcy hearings. Doh!

At least he doesn't have to walk home or catch the bus after Council meetings. After a recent one a big car driven by a woman with blonde-coloured hair was waiting to whisk him away.....

Of course, a lot of you muppets in Sadders think all this is OK and that a person like this should be one of those in charge of multi-million pound budgets and highly dubious deals like the Chance Glass property development. Don't say I didn't warn you!


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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Was It Something I Said?

Toys out of the pram big-style from the Sandwell ("aka" Sadwell) Labour Whips Office!

I heard on the grapevine that these clowns are STILL trying to take action against Cllr Yvonne Davies for trying to tell "the comrades" the truth about the recent activities and bankruptcy of Cllr Richard Marshall! It seems that the sheep are being corralled into attacking one of their own for telling THE TRUTH - a new low even by Sadwell Labour standards.

I duly wrote to "the whips":


I am told you are still hounding Cllr Yvonne Davies in respect of her efforts to alert comrades about the TRUE facts concerning the behaviour of Cllr Marshall.

Can you let me know the current state of play for Skidder readers please?

I currently hold various documents about Cllr Marshall and will be happy to help you in investigating all this if so required."

Oh dear - someone got out of the bed the wrong side this morning. Here is the reply!

"Your message will be placed in trash and subsequently deleted.
You are now muted.
This is the only communication you will receive."

I hope I am not going to be muted like the Canada Geese - honk, honk!


1   There will be a demo outside Oldbury Council House on Tuesday night next week between 5pm and 5.50pm to show solidarity for the 6,226 kids reported to have been abused in Sadwell in the last 5 years. This is immediately before the full Council meeting which starts at 6. Please come along since this disastrous situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

2   You have to hand it to this shower but they do have some brass neck. This blog has repeatedly questioned how the joke "Chief Executive", Jan Britton, has been in post for 7 years and somehow managed not to notice the fraud and corruption within his Council. Of course, the boastful Britton tweeted this in 2014 to the man whose arse he was rimming on a daily basis:

Note the bit about the "sound budget"? As my last post showed it has now been revealed that since 2011/12 (when Britton was in post) there has been a £15.77 MILLION black-hole in the accounts! Britton has yet to be interviewed under caution by the police as to his self-confessed failures to see what was really going on and despite Eling sacking everyone around him he remains in post! But guess what - after 7 years of inglorious failure - Eling has permitted Britton to bring his son in to do "work experience" at the Council FFS! You really couldn't make it up!

3   Now here's a funny thing. Senior Labour Party figures in Sadders are making the allegation (which may or may not be true) that far from being the man who was going to "save" The Public ("lol") vicious bully Tom Watson MP was actually one of the instigators of the scheme to pass it rent-free to the grasping College and had meetings with then Principal, Val Bailey, about all this. I have done a Freedom of Information request to the College who claim they have not kept any records of these alleged meetings (which is different to saying they didn't occur!) Certainly Bailey was obviously in communication with the Council - seemingly without the authority or knowledge of her own Trustees since this is an email of 23rd January, 2013 from Jan Britton trying to hush things up:

"Just so you are aware, Val Bailey of Sandwell College has asked me not to raise The Public at this afternoon’s meeting - because she hasn’t yet discussed it with her Governing Body, who will be present at the meeting."

This is also the subject of the FOI request but it seems clear from this that Britton, the head of the bent paid service, was happy to be complicit in trying to keep matters secret from the College's Board of Governors. Of course, as part of the bent deal the College were forced to take him onto their, er, Board of Governors!!!!! Only in Sadders eh readers?

I have also written to Watson for his comments and will keep you informed of his reply. Don't hold your breath!

4   The Skidder will be in Wednesbury centre at 11am Saturday protesting about the child abuse situation - come and have a chat/join in!

5   This blog passed another milestone the other day - over three-quarters of a million views! Thanks, y'all!


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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Jan Britton's £16m Big Black Hole!

It gets more incredible by the day....

Herewith a letter which I am sending to the Chief Constable of the West Midlands and to The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government:

To: Dave Thompson, Chief Constable,
West Midlands Police


Cc The Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State, Communities & Local Government

Dear Chief Constable,

Huge “error” in Sandwell SMC accounts.

For many years a former employee of Sandwell Council has made public allegations of a substantial fraud when SMBC entered into the absolutely disastrous “Transform Sandwell” contract with BT.

When I personally gave evidence to WMP about fraud in Jan Britton’s Council over many years I discussed this with DS Wayne Haynes and his colleague and urged him to meet with the former employee. It seems that - as with most other things - this was never followed up (and, of course, one or more senior WMP officers have seen to it that matters within the rotten borough have never been investigated either adequately or at all.)

You will probably be aware that there has been serious disquiet in other local authority areas relating to similar BT contracts eg in Cornwall and Liverpool and some police investigation.

You will also be aware that a Council is legally obliged to “balance the books”.

At present, only the unaudited accounts are on the SMBC website at present for 2016/17 but they contain the following extraordinary entry without explanation at paragraph 34 on page 87:

“A Review of the Capital Financing Requirement for 2016/17 identified that entries totalling £15.770m in relation to the previous BT contract had been excluded in error during 2011/12.”

Accordingly, during the period allegations of fraud were said to have occurred nearly £16m mysteriously disappears from the accounts. Unbelievably the alleged “error” was then not spotted for several years either by Jan Britton’s out of control staff or by the incredibly highly-paid external auditors, KPMG!

This requires immediate police investigation.

It should also be noted that three (Labour) councillors have informed me that Leader Steve Eling and Chief Executive Jan Britton are sacking “everyone who knows anything” that has gone on (and I have just been informed of another casualty). Sandwell are spending millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on pay-offs for these staff and forcing them to sign confidentiality agreements but, of course, they have no effect in a criminal investigation. The danger is, however, that along with staff, documents will disappear too - particularly noting the shambolic governance of the Council.

I am copying in the Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid MP both in his capacity as Secretary of State since surely consideration must be given to putting Sandwell in “special measures” and because he is my MP and, as a taxpayer, I am alarmed that the Council is still forking out huge sums of public money to buy silence (a subject upon which we have already had correspondence.)

No doubt Mr Javid will be very concerned that the Labour Council have been seeking to extend KPMG’s contract given the above. Of course, given what has been happening under the corrupt regime it is possible that bent staff somehow managed to deliberately deceive KPMG for some years but this is a very significant sum of money for “Big Four” accountants to have allegedly “missed”.

Yours faithfully,


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She Was Gagging For It!

Normal Labour Party rules appear not to apply to the socialist sh*thole of Sandwell. Nationally, the Party campaigns strongly - and rightly - against domestic violence and sexual exploitation of women. But the local "comrades" seem to take a more antediluvian view...

When I became involved in matters Sadwell EVERYONE (including many Councillors) told me, for example, that Darren Cooper, the late Smethwick Scumbag, used to beat-up his first wife. But no-one would go "on the record". The Skidder Team spent - literally - years tracking down a key witness about this. Cooper knew we were looking for a certain person and this is one of the reasons I found myself being interviewed under caution at Brierley Hill police station by his chums in bent West Midlands Police. A crude attempt to stop further investigation and to close down this blog.

I was - foolishly - alone at the police station. I was repeatedly told there, and over a period of time afterwards until Cooper's behaviour caused WMP to close the non-existent "case", that I would be given the tape of the interview on request. On the tape I made specific reference to the investigations concerning Cooper and domestic violence (and many other things eg his love of "weed") but despite requesting the tape (including by recorded delivery letter) WMP have declined to release it. Funny that until you hear the fulsome eulogies from Cooper's pal Dave Thompson - aka Chief Constable Clousseau of WMP for the late wife-beater (whose force also shielded the woman-bullying thug from investigation concerning social media and other harassment on direct order from a senior officer. I have also asked CC Dave if he has worked out yet why the trolling suddenly stopped on the day Cooper died but await a response!)

Ironically, we traced our witness shortly before Cooper's death.

Cooper's demise is said to have occurred when he was heavily imbibing booze and weed whilst watching the football one night. Shortly afterwards I had a long conversation concerning various matters with a senior figure in the Regional Labour Party. Here are the exact words:

"Me:  Is it true he [Cooper] used to knock his first wife about?

Mr X:  (After very long pause) Yes, I'm afraid it is."

The person knew him from a young age and also told me other unsavoury tales of Dazza's brutish life.....

But at a Labour Party Conference the women of the party lauded the grotesque Cooper for signing an anti-domestic violence charter. Ed Miliband deliberately ignored complaints to him as then "leader" "lol" of the Party about his harassment of folk. The old conman had himself photographed with the sh*t from the GMB campaigning on behalf of the White Ribbon campaign (she was the one who tried to stitch me up with false allegations - see )

And then, of course, the fawning comrades have put up a picture of the vicious thug directly outside the Council chamber. What sort of message is that for Labour people to send out, I wonder?

In an earlier post I referred to an excerpt from a document where one of the fully paid-up members of the Sandwell Shaggers had succumbed to feminine charms. I am now able to include a longer excerpt - written in his own words by married, bankrupt, Councillor and Cabinet "Member", Richard Marshall - for it is he!

"When I was working for X, X had always been very flirtatious. She would walk round the house in her underwear and even when I had other men helping me she would sit in the same room as us in small nightwear with quite obviously nothing underneath. Whilst walking past me, she would brush past very closely. In the beginning I never took any notice ["lol" - Ed].

.....She asked me to go in to help her find her keys. She said her husband would not be back for a while, grabbed me and started groping me. I am ashamed to say that I responded.

This was the start of a sex-only affair that lasted approximately 12 months."

As it turned out Tricky Dickie tried to shaft this unfortunate woman in other ways too..... Well come on Labour folk - she was gagging for it wasn't she????

Happily, Council Leader [sic] Steve Eling claims to have known all about this and refused to accept Marshall's offer of resignation and so we must assume he was personally happy with what went on. Here are the minutes from Sandwell Labour Group of 3rd April, 2017:

It will be interesting to know what exactly Marshall said in his mea culpa since the version in the above minutes is clearly wrong. His legal dispute was not the "sole factor" in his bankruptcy. As this blog has shown he was mired in other debt (as was a close family member in the same house who has three recent Count Court judgments).

This blog has described the real facts of the court case. Marshall had a dream of doing a property deal following very preliminary discussions with a third party who soon broke off negotiations. Marshall borrowed £30k "from the family friend" to facilitate the mythical "deal" but when it fell through he simply blew the cash. When he was sued he (and his wife) claimed the £30k was a "gift" to him and his wife. They both viciously traduced the character of the victim in court papers - all the time the Marshalls being unable to pay the legal fees so that their solicitors had to take a charging oreder to protect their interests! Immediately before trial, both of the Marshalls threw in the towel leaving the victim out of pocket in respect of the original loan AND also for huge legal costs.

As I have again showed, Marshall gave financial information to the Court where he omitted to mention another debt of nearly £6,000 to a near neighbour (who has subsequently moved away). Obviously he, er, told Eling and the comrades about this and his other outstanding obligations.....

This blog also outed Marshall as the councillor who had to be taken to court by his own Council for Council tax arrears.

When Cllr Yvonne Davies tried to tell the comrades the truth at the aforementioned Labour Group meeting they collectively shouted her down and voted for her to be both thrown out of the meeting and reported to the whips. But then, as we have seen over and over again, the sheep have refused to pay heed to what has been said in this blog for years now! There is a full council meeting on Tuesday, 17th October - perhaps the comrades might like to ask Marshall to recount his tale again - but this time in public?

(Further info to come but there will be a demo outside Oldbury Council House between 5pm and 6pm before the Council meeting on the 17th to show solidarity with the 6,226 reported victims of child abuse in the last five years and to demand action from the authority. Please join us and email me for an A4 window poster).

And finally:

Does anyone know of any connection between Cllr Simon Hackett and a local female initials JR? (Please note that I make no allegation of wrongdoing but am just trying to identify a female mentioned in a document recently sent to me where Cllr Hackett involved himself in the allocation of a council house - which could, of course, all be perfectly legitimate.)

On the subject of  Hackett - "The Sandwell Slasher", it seems that he is due to visit Sandwell Valley soon and Eling and Co have taken "special measures" to avoid further embarrassment....


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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Travels With My Aunt?

Stay with me Sandwell (aka "Sadwell")....

Nice folk keep asking me to investigate the doings of Birmingham City Council (BCC) but I am afraid that, with other commitments, I am struggling to stay afloat under a tsunami of information about deeply corrupt Sadders and have no time at all to spare for the "Second City" (save that I am keeping a watching brief in respect of allegations of (a) an elected wife-beater (never did Labour's Darren Cooper any harm - unlike his victim) and (b) an elected "member" having use of a property to facilitate drug-dealing!)

Perhaps because of my work exposing the Sandwell Councillor Lying Lucy Cashmore* people have been contacting me with regard to BCC Labour Councillor Valerie Seabright.

One of the joys of what passes for local democracy in this country is that councillors are supposed to live in the area they represent. I am sure Brummie Councillors dare hardly venture out of the front door without constituents bending their ears about the piles of  rubbish left in the streets by Corbyn's stormtroopers in Unite the Union. But whilst that may be tiresome it is a good thing - particularly as national politicians become ever more distant both metaphorically and, as we shall see, physically.

And so Brummies - can you help me with this? Is La Seabright struggling to pick her way through the piles of stinking detritus in highly marginal Kings Norton? The answers must be "no" if she is living just down the road on the, er, Isle of Wight!

I wrote to Ms Seabright and asked her where she is living but she has declined to answer. Yet a number of people (including one councillor) are telling me she lives on the island.

She was first elected to BCC in May 2012 but the only Register of Interests online is dated 4th June, 2014. Her declaration confirms that she was not a tenant of BCC or any associated body as at that date, had no licence to occupy property in the City and does not own any property there.

A Companies House search shows that she has been involved with two companies until recently but gave correspondence addresses for both. This begs the question of where she was supposed to be resident when she stood for election again in May, 2016 - being re-elected with a majority of just 23 votes?

Straight after the election she certainly headed for a "break" on the Isle of Wight until 28th May, 2016.

The electoral register shows that one Valerie Seabright is eligible to vote from Flat x, xx Landguard Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight. Is that her? As above, she won't say where she is living. If it is her, why has she gone on the electoral register there?

If Ms Seabright has moved away, residents of Kings Norton may feel that she should resign and that there should be a by election but perhaps she feels she can emulate the conduct of another, more prominent, absentee Labour politician as it is said that she is the aunt of none-other than Labour's Deputy Leader - the vicious bully-boy Tom "Lazy Tom" Watson MP!

Perhaps the locals down Kings Norton will heed the words of "Ticket to Ryde" [geddit?]: "Before she gets to saying goodbye, she ought to think twice, she ought to do right by me."

Tom Watson was the joint laziest MP 2010 to 2015 and pretended, for electoral register purposes, to be shacked up Chez Cllr Simon Hackett - "The Sandwell Slasher" - in sunny Wednesbury whilst actually living in London. He also spent time in the fragrant burrow of the apparently talentless Ms Stephanie Peacock in Halesowen - she is, unbelievably, now the Labour MP for local, er, Barnsley East! He is still refusing to say whether he paid Capital Gains Tax on a property he co-owned in London. He then moved to the house of a Unite the Union official in trendy Southwark/Bermondsey. He has, of course, sh*t his nest with Unite (whose unfortunate members also bankrolled his lifestyle) but he now has several millionaires throwing cash at him and he has moved to Vauxhall, also in London. All this time he purports to "represent" in Parliament the sh*t-hole that is West Bromwich East and where he is the de facto Dictator of the appalling Sandwell Labour Group.

As Sandwell readers will know - it is no good expecting thuggish Tommy to do the right thing. If you think he will change you will be waiting till the Cowes [geddit] come home.....

* The records show that Lying Lucy - with the active connivance of West Midlands Police - took the taxpayer for £50,339.55 in allowances. Nice on top of her own pay (now received from the Express and Star Group) and her husband's salary from, er, Labour Sandwell Council. Ironically - she WAS resident in Kings Norton (Brandwood)!


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Monday, 18 September 2017

The Britton Doctrine "Lol"!

This blog has frequently asked how Jan Britton, the joke "Chief Executive" of Labour basket-case Sandwell (aka Sadwell) Council, has managed to keep his job when - if he is to be believed - he was simply unaware of the fraud and corruption going on all around him for seven years?

We all know that the three old political leaders [sic] of the dismal outfit - Cooper, Hussain and Eling - appointed some under-qualified staff to very highly-paid positions. If they failed they were booted out with a huge bag of taxpayers' cash. Thus Neeraj Sharma was taken on as head of Legal despite her disastrous record at Walsall Council. Britton himself had a very thin CV when given the top job. The seemingly untalented Melanie Dudley was promoted to the post of, er, number two for no apparent reason. Existing staff were paid large salaries to do the bidding of the ruling triumvirate. Bubalo was directly involved in virtually all the frauds reported on in this blog but apparently uses the "Jan Britton" defence favoured by the man himself ie he simply didn't notice what was going on! People like Scarrott and Satchwell were always very happy to do whatever they were told. All mentioned have now gone with handsome pay-offs.

Two senior figures who allegedly tried to stand up to these three - Stuart Kellas and John Garratt - soon got the Spanish archer with no reasons ever being made public.

It must be remembered that - even on the most charitable view - the majority of Labour's elected members in Sadders are as thick as two short planks and have never run a bath. Yet there have been frequent allegations by staff of bullying - notably by Cllrs Hussain and Hackett - when these strutting peacocks have attempted to throw their weight around. And, of course, we all know that the late Leader, Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper, had sh*t for brains.

I have frequently asked why unintelligent Councillors are involved in the day to day running of the Council (I am currently working on a major fraud allegation where the employees involved are copying in a cabinet member to EVERY email -why?) I have also questioned why the pathetic Britton gave a number of councillors "access all areas" security passes? This led directly to allegations of files going "missing" and also of Cooper, for one, roaming the offices groping female workers (see posts passim).

Most Sadwell-watchers had assumed - particularly noting his track record - that this was all simply because Jan Britton is as weak as p*ss. He hadn't got the balls or the intellect to stand up to the leading three and passively bent over whilst they shafted him - the pain being assuaged with a pay package of nearly £160k. But those of us who thought that he was just a dormant greaser prepared to passively grovel to these three (and others) were barking up the wrong tree - this feeble character was an active proponent of sucking off the, er, "members" as a 2012 document recently obtained shows!

The leader "lol" of the bent and out-of-control paid service wrote to all staff on 17th December, 2012.

He mentioned that in a series of meetings staff had raised concerns about the relationship between staff and members. For someone with half a brain and knowing what Cooper was like this should have been a big red flashing light but not to the obsequious principal officer. He stated, without irony, "it is a characteristic of failing councils that they have poor working relations between employees and Members" (note mere employees are not worthy of a capital "e").

We have seen that Britton has allowed staff to be used to support the aims of the bully-boy Cooper and The Labour Party and he used this internal memo to personally take a sideswipe at the constituent parties of the then coalition government citing Colchester Council where he cited a distinct divide between the liberal towns and the Tory countryside.

But he went on to ORDER his cowardly underlings to kowtow to the dimwitted elected sheep:

"there is no such such thing as Members interfering with something [seemingly including inappropriate touching of women staff] - the Members are the people who are elected to form the Council and they have every right to be involved in whatever way they wish - as long as it accords with the Council's constitution and the law of the land and, if it doesn't, that's probably our failing not there's [sic], because it means WE haven't given them appropriate advice about the constitution and law."

He went with this stream of total sh*te:

"The key as far as I'm concerned, is not to tell the members to "butt out" and let the employees get on with it - that's the way of the past not what we do in Sandwell....."

Is it any wonder that - if he was NOT directly involved in any wrongdoing - he completely failed to see what was going on under his nose? And, for example, is it any wonder that Cllrs like Peter Hughes could bully staff in the manner set out in my last post?

Of course, the employees who have to put up with this have no adequate union representation despite paying their dues.

There are now four independent councillors on Sandwell (excluding Mahboob) and surely it is time that they put down a motion of no confidence in Britton at the full Council meeting in October? There are a number of the Labour sheep who are unhappy with Jan though it is said Eling won't sack him as Britton "has too much on him", whatever that means (although Eling and Marshall have said that his time will come). No doubt The Milkman would demand a whipped (!) vote but the sheep would finally have to show whether they are still the cowards they were under the "leadership" of the old wife-beater or had finally "grown a pair" (metaphorically).

"Blind Steve Eling"

Like Britton, "Leader" Eling is another who was at the heart of the Council throughout the years of corruption, cronyism and incompetence but apparently didn't manage to see anything untoward going on. One might think he may have missed things because of his onerous day job as a political officer at nearby, er, Rotherham Council. Yet he was also among many at that other Labour basket case who "missed" years of shocking child abuse there.

[Incidentally - please put October 17th in your diary when there will be another demonstration of solidarity for the 6,226 victims of child abuse in Sandwell over the last five years outside Oldbury Council House before the full Council meeting.]

Eling continues to work at Rotherham where he must be on a good salary and have a gold-plated pension as well as claiming large allowances from Sandwell taxpayers.

On top of the well-paid day job "Blind Steve" has received , in the last 11 years, a stonking £365,433.16p in allowances. No wonder he eschews living in sh*t-hole Smethwick where many of the mugs who vote for this shower live and prefers the bucolic surroundings of "the summer palace" in leafy Derbyshire whenever possible. But as he is missing so much going on around him he really should use some of his considerable wealth and go to Specsavers!


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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fox Off Zorro!

Even by the standards of the weird bunch of Labour Councillors in the socialist hermit kingdom of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Cllr Peter Hughes is up himself. For some bizarre reason this strutting peacock calls himself "Zorro". Maybe he would like to think he is one of Sandwell Council's notorious amateur swordsmen or perhaps he sees himself as an avenger of the helpless who strives to aid the oppressed? Or perhaps he is a bully like so many of the cohort from the corrupt Cooper/Britton era?

Take this gem from the diminutive dictator of Wednesbury North...

Hughes decided to assist a constituent who had received a parking ticket. Nothing wrong with that if he used the proper channels ie assisting with the appeal and, if applicable, providing supporting evidence. But we have seen time and again that the joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton has allowed councillors to throw their weight about at will and, with the pathetic trade unions at Oldbury, condoned bullying. And so Zorro ignored the proper channels and fired off an email direct to Sandwell's then Principal Parking Officer, Kira Fleck.

Even though he was helping a constituent with regard to a parking ticket he marked the email as being of "high" importance and copied in another employee, Sharon Lang, and THREE other councillors!

The formidable Ms Fleck wrote a perfectly sensible reply asking that the proper appeal procedure be used and asking that Hughes please desist from emailing staff direct on such issues. Hughes went ballistic and fired off a reply giving the employee a right dressing down (where was pathetic Jan Britton whilst this was going on?) Hughes stated that unless there was a "formal procedure for Councillor's on appeals" he would continue to write to her "as the senior officer in that team". Even though her email was a perfectly reasonable outline of the proper procedure Hughes wrote to her "I would have expected a more constructive and less dictatorial email from you in this instance." To enhance this shocking bullying Hughes also sent this email to another employee, Sharon Lang again, presumably to denigrate Ms Fleck's reputation and also copied it to the same three councillors (none of whom seem to have taken Hughes to task for his behaviour)!

Hughes also made a cryptic comment to an employee whose job was to enforce parking notices: "officers and members should work together to resolve residents' problems on the ground here, which other Highways Officers are doing!!!" Clearly this suggests that yet more cowardly employees in Britton's bent paid service were/are happy to do the bidding of their political masters.

No here's a laugh: Ms Fleck replied to the puffed-up Councillor using the salutation "Cllr Hughes". This buffoon replied:

"When responding to emails (from Councillors or not) do you not adhere to the normal pleasantries in your salutations? It is not good manners to start off a message with just the person's name. Having been a Council officer myself, I consider this grossly impertinent." Again this bullying was copied in to a fellow employee and three Councillors.

So did Hughes address his two email to Ms Fleck with appropriate formality given her status or did she not deserve this as a silly woman and - in his perverted view - an errant employee? No. He sent both his emails with the opening "Hi Kira". What a f*cking t*sser!


Information was passed to bent West Midlands Police about the alleged interference of Cllr Mahboob Hussain (and possibly others) in respect of parking issues around mosques (and lest we forget the cunning comrades sold a huge plot of land suitable for future development to Tipton Mosque for just £20k allegedly as "overspill parking". Also - thanks to the Skidder's disclosures the sleazy socialists had to pull a similar - and bent - deal to gift land in West Bromwich to the Dartmouth Street Mosque.)

There were allegations - unproven as yet - that parking tickets have been cancelled for Mosque attendees and that parking rules were deliberately not being enforced near to mosques. In the latter regard here is what "Zorro" also wrote to Ms Fleck:

"What makes the situation more galling is that...[residents] in Kendrick Street have a major issue with illegal/inconsiderate parking on yellow lines lower down the street from visitors to the Medina Mosque in Walsall Street just round the corner. They have complained about this relentlessly for five years but the problem continues, and there is little enforcement action being taken against the perpetrators in that case!!!"

I wonder why not.....

Info Please:

1   Can anyone flesh out the facts surrounding "that incident" involving Hughes at Wednesbury Rugby Club please? I have written to the man himself but he has declined to respond so far!

2   We now have information about a very senior male (and married) officer of the Council boning a female employee. A little more information very welcome.....


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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Three Degrees Statue Shocker!

You could always tell when the old wife-beater Darren Cooper was lying - his lips were moving! The late Smethwick Scumbag, who was the laughable "leader" of bent Labour Sandwell Council, had sh*t for brains and saw everything in life as either "victory" or "defeat" with nothing in between.

Cooper became obsessed with having an incredibly ugly statue of my Baggies heroes, "The Three Degrees", put up in West Brom and became increasingly desperate to get his way - even looting money from the Arts Council to promote the awful thing. He had been sold this particular t*rd by Jim Cadman, a local "businessman" (see posts passim) who has sought to profit from working with a sculptor called Graham Ibbeson to erect a series of "celebrity" statues around the country.

Sunny Jim has raised very large sums of money for his private project but no-one knows where the money is and Jim has, to date, declined to say. He had a big launch with comedian Frank Skinner in Brum (where I am told by a reliable source that Skinner charged his full appearance fee although his management company have declined to comment). After the failure to sell tickets for another do, Jim had a large fundraiser at The Hawthorns a couple of years ago but, once again, no-one knows what happened to the loot (this event also included the auction of prized memorabilia donated by generous individuals).

Cadman also persuaded the idiotic Cooper to pillage £30,000 of taxpayers money for his private business and, once again, neither Cadman nor the corrupt Council can account for what happened to OUR money.

And so it was with great interest that I viewed the latest set accounts filed by Cadman for the only company he is still listed as having an interest in at Companies House (the others have all gone bust of been dissolved for unspecified reasons). Would these provide a clue as to where the thousands upon thousands of pounds - including public money - might be? Er, no. The abbreviated accounts just filed for Cornerstone Marketing Limited made up to 30th November, 2016 seem to show very little activity with a trading loss of £11 (yes, eleven pounds), tangible assets of just £389 and cash in the bank of only £415. So where IS all the money Cadman? Isn't it time PC Plod starting asking the same question?

Sunny Jim with two pieces of sh*te....

But it gets worse....

A high-level informant at Sandwell Council recently told me that Darren Cooper and Nick Bubalo (the now departed head of planning etc who was deeply involved in every bent deal referred to in this blog but claims, like joke Chief Executive Jan Britton, not to have noticed anything untoward) visited a company called Mar City Homes Limited about a project. Cooper told the MD that another company had recently donated £25,000 to the statue fund to facilitate the granting of planning permission and Dickhead Daz suggested an equivalent amount be paid for the statue fund in respect of a deal that was contemplated for the former Atlas Steels site in Smethwick.

It is vitally important here to note that Cooper was an inveterate liar and he (or others acting on his instructions) may not have actually secured any forced "donations" for planning permissions. He may have just been "trying it on". It is also important to note that I make no suggestion of impropriety on behalf of Mar City. I am told that the MD laughed and suggested that he would see what he could do with regard to a donation at a future date. He did not, at that meeting, make any insinuation that the Company would actually enter into such an improper agreement then or at any future date.

I should also add that due to the seriousness of the allegation I have referred this all to bent West Midlands Police who mysteriously protect Sandwell Labour and so they will obviously do sod all. (There is a weird twist to this but I'm afraid I shall have to share that with you in due course).

Whilst there is no suggestion of any impropriety on the part of Mar City it should be noted that these discussions resulted in a very unusual (at least for anywhere else but Sandwell) deal that was highly favourable to them and as a Council employee told me, did not "make sense" to Council workers who had to implement it. This involved the purchase of 41 new-build homes from Mar City at Cranford Street, Smethwick. Take a look at the Sandwell Cabinet Approval of 21st January, 2015 - it includes yet another of the Council's infamous "lock-out" provisions ie where the Councillors in the Cabinet agreed to ignore proper (legal) procurement provisions and just do a deal with a single favoured company - not letting anyone else get a look in. Even the comrades knew this would look dodgy and the minutes make reference to vague promises to ensure the deal had a veneer of legality. Just take a look at this b*llocks:

"4.2  The procurement law risk of the Council entering into this arrangement with Mar City directly without competition should not be high provided that the Council, as is proposed, structures the arrangement as a land acquisition and in doing so does not specify the works to be carried out and does not place any direct or indirect legally enforceable obligations on Mar City to carry out the works."

What the f*ck? Mar City were to build 41 houses which corrupt Sandwell would then buy but there was to be no legally-binding contract for this????? Bear in mind that the minutes specified the number of bedrooms, the layout and even the method of construction and yet none of this was to be put in the legal documents so as to make the transaction appear kosher etc!!!!

The minutes go on in respect of state aid - which is unlawful:

"4.3  To ensure state aid risk is mitigated the arrangement should be structured as a commercial land deal so that it does not provide an advantage to the developer in the market and therefore threaten to distort competition".

Eh? One imagines that Mar City were not intending to build the houses as an act of charity and were intending to make a profit and so how could this deal not be seen as conferring an "advantage in the market" when the comrades were locking-out all other competition!

Such was the importance of this deal to the party leadership even Jan Britton is said to have made a royal visit to the old Atlas Steels site! And the Council's "money man" Steve Eling was at the Cabinet meeting that approved this very "creative" deal and as he is now "leader" I am sure he and Britton will hasten to tell us all the details of the finalised deal.....

Needless to say, the Cabinet meeting that approved this odd deal was chaired by Darren Cooper.


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