Monday, 18 September 2017

The Britton Doctrine "Lol"!

This blog has frequently asked how Jan Britton, the joke "Chief Executive" of Labour basket-case Sandwell (aka Sadwell) Council, has managed to keep his job when - if he is to be believed - he was simply unaware of the fraud and corruption going on all around him for seven years?

We all know that the three old political leaders [sic] of the dismal outfit - Cooper, Hussain and Eling - appointed some under-qualified staff to very highly-paid positions. If they failed they were booted out with a huge bag of taxpayers' cash. Thus Neeraj Sharma was taken on as head of Legal despite her disastrous record at Walsall Council. Britton himself had a very thin CV when given the top job. The seemingly untalented Melanie Dudley was promoted to the post of, er, number two for no apparent reason. Existing staff were paid large salaries to do the bidding of the ruling triumvirate. Bubalo was directly involved in virtually all the frauds reported on in this blog but apparently uses the "Jan Britton" defence favoured by the man himself ie he simply didn't notice what was going on! People like Scarrott and Satchwell were always very happy to do whatever they were told. All mentioned have now gone with handsome pay-offs.

Two senior figures who allegedly tried to stand up to these three like Stuart Kellas and John Garratt soon got the spanish archer with no reasons ever being made public.

It must be remembered that - even on the most charitable view - the majority of Labour's elected members in Sadders are as thick as two short planks and have never run a bath. Yet there have been frequent allegations by staff of bullying - notably by Cllrs Hussain and Hackett - when these strutting peacocks have attempted to throw their weight around. And, of course, we all know that the late Leader, Smethwick Scumbag Darren Cooper, had sh*t for brains.

I have frequently asked why unintelligent Councillors are involved in the day to day running of the Council (I am currently working on a major fraud allegation where the employees involved are copying in a cabinet member to EVERY email -why?) I have also questioned why the pathetic Britton gave a number of councillors "access all areas" security passes? This led directly to allegations of files going "missing" and also of Cooper, for one, roaming the offices groping female workers (see posts passim).

Most Sadwell-watchers had assumed - particularly noting his track record - that this was all simply because Jan Britton is as weak as p*ss. He hadn't got the balls or the intellect to stand up to the leading three and passively bent over whilst they shafted him - the pain being assuaged with a pay package of nearly £160k. But those of us who thought that he was just a dormant greaser prepared to passively grovel to these three (and others) were barking up the wrong tree - this feeble character was an active proponent of sucking off the, er, "members" as a 2012 document recently obtained shows!

The leader "lol" of the bent and out-of-control paid service wrote to all staff on 17th December, 2012.

He mentioned that in a series of meetings staff had raised concerns about the relationship between staff and members. Someone with half a brain and knowing what Cooper was like this should have been a big red flashing light but not to the obsequious principal officer. He stated, without irony, "it is a characteristic of failing councils that they have poor working relations between employees and Members" (note mere employees are not worthy of a capital "e").

We have seen that Britton has allowed staff to be used to support the aims of the bully-boy Cooper and The Labour Party and used his internal memo to personally take a sideswipe at the constituent parties of the then coalition government citing Colchester Council where he cited a distinct divide between the liberal towns and the Tory countryside.

But he went on to ORDER his cowardly underlings to kowtow to the dimwitted elected sheep:

"there is no such such thing as Members interfering with something [seemingly including inappropriate touching of women staff] - the Members are the people who are elected to form the Council and they have every right to be involved in whatever way they wish - as long as it accords with the Council's constitution and the law of the land and, if it doesn't, that's probably our failing not there's [sic], because it means WE haven't given them appropriate advice about the constitution and law."

He went with this stream of total sh*te:

"The key as far as I'm concerned, is not to tell the members to "butt out" and let the employees get on with it - that's the way of the past not what we do in Sandwell....."

Is it any wonder that - if he was NOT directly involved in any wrongdoing - he completely failed to see what was going on under his nose? And, for example, is it any wonder that Cllrs like Peter Hughes could bully staff in the manner set out in my last post?

Of course, the employees who have to put up with this have no adequate union representation despite paying their dues.

There are now four independent councillors on Sandwell (excluding Mahboob) and surely it is time that they put down a motion of no confidence in Britton at the full Council meeting in October? There are a number of the Labour sheep who are unhappy with Jan though it is said Eling won't sack him as Britton "has too much on him", whatever that means (although Eling and Marshall have said that his time will come). No doubt The Milkman would demand a whipped vote but the sheep would finally have to show whether they are still the cowards they were under the "leadership" of the old wife-beater or had finally "grown a pair" (metaphorically).

"Blind" Steve Eling

Like Britton, "Leader" Eling is another who was at the heart of the Council throughout the years of corruption, cronyism and incompetence but apparently didn't manage to see anything untoward going on. One might think he may have missed things because of his onerous day job as a political officer at nearby, er, Rotherham Council. Yet he was also among many at that other Labour basket case who "missed" years of shocking child abuse there.

[Incidentally - please put October 17th in your diary when there will be another demonstration of solidarity for the 6,226 victims of child abuse in Sandwell over the last five years outside Oldbury Council House before the full Council meeting.]

Eling continues to work at Rotherham where he must be on a good salary and have a gold-plated pension as well as claiming large allowances from Sandwell taxpayers.

On top of the well-paid day job "Blind Steve" has received , in the last 11 years, a stonking £365,433.16p in allowances. No wonder he eschews living in sh*t-hole Smethwick where many of the mugs who vote for this shower live and prefers the bucolic surroundings of "the summer palace" in leafy Derbyshire whenever possible. But as he is missing so much going on around him he really should use some of his considerable wealth and go to Specsavers!


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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fox Off Zorro!

Even by the standards of the weird bunch of Labour Councillors in the socialist hermit kingdom of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Cllr Peter Hughes is up himself. For some bizarre reason this strutting peacock calls himself "Zorro". Maybe he would like to think he is one of Sandwell Council's notorious amateur swordsmen or perhaps he sees himself as an avenger of the helpless who strives to aid the oppressed? Or perhaps he is a bully like so many of the cohort from the corrupt Cooper/Britton era?

Take this gem from the diminutive dictator of Wednesbury North...

Hughes decided to assist a constituent who had received a parking ticket. Nothing wrong with that if he used the proper channels ie assisting with the appeal and, if applicable, providing supporting evidence. But we have seen time and again that the joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton has allowed councillors to throw their weight about at will and, with the pathetic trade unions at Oldbury, condoned bullying. And so Zorro ignored the proper channels and fired off an email direct to Sandwell's then Principal Parking Officer, Kira Fleck.

Even though he was helping a constituent with regard to a parking ticket he marked the email as being of "high" importance and copied in another employee, Sharon Lang, and THREE other councillors!

The formidable Ms Fleck wrote a perfectly sensible reply asking that the proper appeal procedure be used and asking that Hughes please desist from emailing staff direct on such issues. Hughes went ballistic and fired off a reply giving the employee a right dressing down (where was pathetic Jan Britton whilst this was going on?) Hughes stated that unless there was a "formal procedure for Councillor's on appeals" he would continue to write to her "as the senior officer in that team". Even though her email was a perfectly reasonable outline of the proper procedure Hughes wrote to her "I would have expected a more constructive and less dictatorial email from you in this instance." To enhance this shocking bullying Hughes also sent this email to another employee, Sharon Lang again, presumably to denigrate Ms Fleck's reputation and also copied it to the same three councillors (none of whom seem to have taken Hughes to task for his behaviour)!

Hughes also made a cryptic comment to an employee whose job was to enforce parking notices: "officers and members should work together to resolve residents' problems on the ground here, which other Highways Officers are doing!!!" Clearly this suggests that yet more cowardly employees in Britton's bent paid service were/are happy to do the bidding of their political masters.

No here's a laugh: Ms Fleck replied to the puffed-up Councillor using the salutation "Cllr Hughes". This buffoon replied:

"When responding to emails (from Councillors or not) do you not adhere to the normal pleasantries in your salutations? It is not good manners to start off a message with just the person's name. Having been a Council officer myself, I consider this grossly impertinent." Again this bullying was copied in to a fellow employee and three Councillors.

So did Hughes address his two email to Ms Fleck with appropriate formality given her status or did she not deserve this as a silly woman and - in his perverted view - an errant employee? No. He sent both his emails with the opening "Hi Kira". What a f*cking t*sser!


Information was passed to bent West Midlands Police about the alleged interference of Cllr Mahboob Hussain (and possibly others) in respect of parking issues around mosques (and lest we forget the cunning comrades sold a huge plot of land suitable for future development to Tipton Mosque for just £20k allegedly as "overspill parking". Also - thanks to the Skidder's disclosures the sleazy socialists had to pull a similar - and bent - deal to gift land in West Bromwich to the Dartmouth Street Mosque.)

There were allegations - unproven as yet - that parking tickets have been cancelled for Mosque attendees and that parking rules were deliberately not being enforced near to mosques. In the latter regard here is what "Zorro" also wrote to Ms Fleck:

"What makes the situation more galling is that...[residents] in Kendrick Street have a major issue with illegal/inconsiderate parking on yellow lines lower down the street from visitors to the Medina Mosque in Walsall Street just round the corner. They have complained about this relentlessly for five years but the problem continues, and there is little enforcement action being taken against the perpetrators in that case!!!"

I wonder why not.....

Info Please:

1   Can anyone flesh out the facts surrounding "that incident" involving Hughes at Wednesbury Rugby Club please? I have written to the man himself but he has declined to respond so far!

2   We now have information about a very senior male (and married) officer of the Council boning a female employee. A little more information very welcome.....


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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Three Degrees Statue Shocker!

You could always tell when the old wife-beater Darren Cooper was lying - his lips were moving! The late Smethwick Scumbag, who was the laughable "leader" of bent Labour Sandwell Council, had sh*t for brains and saw everything in life as either "victory" or "defeat" with nothing in between.

Cooper became obsessed with having an incredibly ugly statue of my Baggies heroes, "The Three Degrees", put up in West Brom and became increasingly desperate to get his way - even looting money from the Arts Council to promote the awful thing. He had been sold this particular t*rd by Jim Cadman, a local "businessman" (see posts passim) who has sought to profit from working with a sculptor called Graham Ibbeson to erect a series of "celebrity" statues around the country.

Sunny Jim has raised very large sums of money for his private project but no-one knows where the money is and Jim has, to date, declined to say. He had a big launch with comedian Frank Skinner in Brum (where I am told by a reliable source that Skinner charged his full appearance fee although his management company have declined to comment). After the failure to sell tickets for another do, Jim had a large fundraiser at The Hawthorns a couple of years ago but, once again, no-one knows what happened to the loot (this event also included the auction of prized memorabilia donated by generous individuals).

Cadman also persuaded the idiotic Cooper to pillage £30,000 of taxpayers money for his private business and, once again, neither Cadman nor the corrupt Council can account for what happened to OUR money.

And so it was with great interest that I viewed the latest set accounts filed by Cadman for the only company he is still listed as having an interest in at Companies House (the others have all gone bust of been dissolved for unspecified reasons). Would these provide a clue as to where the thousands upon thousands of pounds - including public money - might be? Er, no. The abbreviated accounts just filed for Cornerstone Marketing Limited made up to 30th November, 2016 seem to show very little activity with a trading loss of £11 (yes, eleven pounds), tangible assets of just £389 and cash in the bank of only £415. So where IS all the money Cadman? Isn't it time PC Plod starting asking the same question?

Sunny Jim with two pieces of sh*te....

But it gets worse....

A high-level informant at Sandwell Council recently told me that Darren Cooper and Nick Bubalo (the now departed head of planning etc who was deeply involved in every bent deal referred to in this blog but claims, like joke Chief Executive Jan Britton, not to have noticed anything untoward) visited a company called Mar City Homes Limited about a project. Cooper told the MD that another company had recently donated £25,000 to the statue fund to facilitate the granting of planning permission and Dickhead Daz suggested an equivalent amount be paid for the statue fund in respect of a deal that was contemplated for the former Atlas Steels site in Smethwick.

It is vitally important here to note that Cooper was an inveterate liar and he (or others acting on his instructions) may not have actually secured any forced "donations" for planning permissions. He may have just been "trying it on". It is also important to note that I make no suggestion of impropriety on behalf of Mar City. I am told that the MD laughed and suggested that he would see what he could do with regard to a donation at a future date. He did not, at that meeting, make any insinuation that the Company would actually enter into such an improper agreement then or at any future date.

I should also add that due to the seriousness of the allegation I have referred this all to bent West Midlands Police who mysteriously protect Sandwell Labour and so they will obviously do sod all. (There is a weird twist to this but I'm afraid I shall have to share that with you in due course).

Whilst there is no suggestion of any impropriety on the part of Mar City it should be noted that these discussions resulted in a very unusual (at least for anywhere else but Sandwell) deal that was highly favourable to them and as a Council employee told me, did not "make sense" to Council workers who had to implement it. This involved the purchase of 41 new-build homes from Mar City at Cranford Street, Smethwick. Take a look at the Sandwell Cabinet Approval of 21st January, 2015 - it includes yet another of the Council's infamous "lock-out" provisions ie where the Councillors in the Cabinet agreed to ignore proper (legal) procurement provisions and just do a deal with a single favoured company - not letting anyone else get a look in. Even the comrades knew this would look dodgy and the minutes make reference to vague promises to ensure the deal had a veneer of legality. Just take a look at this b*llocks:

"4.2  The procurement law risk of the Council entering into this arrangement with Mar City directly without competition should not be high provided that the Council, as is proposed, structures the arrangement as a land acquisition and in doing so does not specify the works to be carried out and does not place any direct or indirect legally enforceable obligations on Mar City to carry out the works."

What the f*ck? Mar City were to build 41 houses which corrupt Sandwell would then buy but there was to be no legally-binding contract for this????? Bear in mind that the minutes specified the number of bedrooms, the layout and even the method of construction and yet none of this was to be put in the legal documents so as to make the transaction appear kosher etc!!!!

The minutes go on in respect of state aid - which is unlawful:

"4.3  To ensure state aid risk is mitigated the arrangement should be structured as a commercial land deal so that it does not provide an advantage to the developer in the market and therefore threaten to distort competition".

Eh? One imagines that Mar City were not intending to build the houses as an act of charity and were intending to make a profit and so how could this deal not be seen as conferring an "advantage in the market" when the comrades were locking-out all other competition!

Such was the importance of this deal to the party leadership even Jan Britton is said to have made a royal visit to the old Atlas Steels site! And the Council's "money man" Steve Eling was at the Cabinet meeting that approved this very "creative" deal and as he is now "leader" I am sure he and Britton will hasten to tell us all the details of the finalised deal.....

Needless to say, the Cabinet meeting that approved this odd deal was chaired by Darren Cooper.


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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Sandwell Rebellion Gathers Pace!

Yesterday Cllr Bob Price became the third Labour Councillor to say "enough is enough" and leave the vile dictatorship under Steve Eling and his bankrupt sidekick Cllr Richard Marshall (who have yet to resign despite the publication of the "Eling/Marshall Papers".)

We understand that Cllr Price has cited bullying, intimidation and recent social media revelations as reasons for his departure. More Councillors are said to be hovering in the departure lounge as Eling tries to keep control with ever-increasing brutality. At this rate we will (almost) be hankering for the viciousness of "The Smethwick Scumbag Era" "lol"!

With three defectors it is to be hoped that these refusniks will band together with Cllr Phil Garrett and force some motions to be dealt with at full Council eg a vote of no confidence in Eling, Marshall, Hackett and joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton. We live in interesting times...

Don't forget folks that today is the day that you can show solidarity with the 6,226 abused children of the Borough in the last five years (that is just the reported figure). Meet outside Oldbury Council House at 2.30pm today - an hour before the Council's "cabinet" meets. This tragedy simply cannot go on!

Tell your friends if you can't make it. We all need to protect these kids. Here is my leaflet for the day:

6,226 Sandwell abused kids in 5 years

Labour Children’s Services “inadequate”

40 years of Labour failure





Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Sandwell's Shame!

In five years there have been 6,226 reports of child abuse to social services - remember this is just REPORTED cases and may well be the just tip of the iceberg.....

The Labour leader [sic] of Sandwell Council, Steve Eling, in a masterpiece of complacency describes this appalling situation as "worrying". Still what do you expect from a man who tops up his large allowances from the taxpayer with a job as a "policy officer" in another Labour basket case Council, Rotherham (and we all know what he allegedly failed to see going on with the kids there don't we readers?)

There are some marvellous people in Sandwell who do great work for the deprived community but there is also a large contingent of scum living there. I can just about put up with these morons glorifying in their Enoch & Eli crap whilst wallowing in poverty but when some of their number stoop to sexual and other abuse of kids enough is enough.

When the community bothers to vote it continues to put in Labour despite FORTY YEARS of Labour failure. In the last few years under Jan Britton as the joke "Chief Executive", Children's Services have dropped into Ofsted "inadequate" status and eventually into special measures. Quite simply, this awfulness and tragedy cannot go on.

Tomorrow - Wednesday 30th August - is the time for the good people of Sandwell to stand up and be counted. If you are not at work please join us outside Oldbury Council House at 2.30pm to show solidarity with the abused kids and to demand improvement from the bent Council. Please tell your

And finally:

The Council itself reported to West Midlands Police the alleged sale and attempted sale of council-owned property by Labour ex-Mayor Derek Rowley. I am told that, as ever, with the local Cowards in Blue there has been no, or no proper, investigation. I have a complaint in with WMP Professional Standards "lol" with regard to this but have heard nothing. Not only are WMP in the pocket of Sandwell Labour but they do like to use social media to rub this in and to take the p*ss out of those of us trying to shine a light on the corruption of the last few years. And so I think you can safely say from this tweet that Rowley is no longer under any form of investigation!


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Friday, 25 August 2017

Another Bog-gate Mystery!

In the useless "Wragge Report" much was made of the "fact" that the initial letter - out of the blue - offering to buy the bogs was sent to Cllr Ian Jones. It was on "Central Property Line" notepaper  - a company that would have been well known to Cllr Mahboob Hussain as it was run by a relative and was situated in the heart of his "patch" opposite Midland and Apollo taxis in which the Hussain family once held an interest (though not any longer as I understand it). The letter was signed "Abdul Naeem" ie Abdul Naeem Quyam, Hussain's relative - via marriage.

The conspiracy theorists amongst us have always believed that ANQ was (a) either tipped off to bid for the bogs which would be sold off by the bent Council cheaply or (b) that he was buying them for someone else. Indeed The Skidder has been given a cogent explanation of why certain people were very interested in the Albert Street bogs in Oldbury.

Far be it from me to attempt to defend Cllr Ian Jones but things have never quite stacked-up. Since the publication of "Wragge" Cllr Steve Eling and some other councillors have become obsessed with showing that Jonesy was some sort or mastermind pulling the strings on this deal. But the Wednesbury Councillor insists he had no idea the would-be purchaser was related to Hussain and that he had virtually no involvement in the whole sorry affair. He says, if I understand things correctly, that he effectively passed the matter over to an employee, Dave Willetts. Willetts seems to claim that he had some further involvement but does not seem to say why and, of course, he was subsequently forced to leave the Council in disgrace. (Despite this he is now Town Clerk of Stourport!)

As above, much has been made of the allegation that Jones initially received the letter from CPL - again, out of the blue - and this somehow fixes him with knowledge of what went after. But here's a thing - no-one seems to know where the original letter is but two photocopies of it became part of the evidence. Remember, this is two photocopies OF THE SAME LETTER. As the deal went on various people wrote on the two different copies which is fair enough. But take a look at the signature which should, of course, be identical:

They are clearly different. Why? Some might speculate that a deal was done and then an extra copy of the letter sent to Jones so as to put a veneer of independence on the deal. Who received version one of the letter? And, Jan Britton/West Midlands Police - where are the two originals?

To be fair to Jonesy he did raise this with the Wragge Solicitor who failed to grasp the significance and ignored the Councillor.

As we know, the Council had agreed to the sale of the bogs some years previously but there had been no real interest. The bogs were not auctioned off. By an amazing coincidence, at this time, Hussain's very wealthy son was sweating away doing a menial job in Nick Bubalo's department. (Very senior and highly paid Nick Bubalo was heavily involved in all the bent land deals but says he just failed to notice that anything was amiss!)

When Hussain's relative wrote in, he wanted four sets of bogs including the Bearwood site. Notwithstanding the corruption involved in the Labour Council this episode also shows how dysfunctional "Chief Executive" Jan Britton's bent paid service are (although, like Bubalo, he never seems to be aware of what is actually happening). Appropriately for Bog-gate (copyright CM!) the sh*t hit the fan on 12th April when Deputy Leader Steve Eling (now the embattled "leader") faced local residents' complaints about the sale of the Bearwood bogs. He emailed Jan Britton, and Cllrs Piper and Jaron together with employees, demanding to know why the Council was selling the Bearwood bogs. Britton also demanded an instant report with a copy to Eling. The next day Bubalo fessed up that he had used his "delegated" powers to sell the bogs and had overlooked that the Bearwood ones had not actually been decommissioned! So Bubalo was, yet again, at the very heart of a bent transaction. At "best" he had f*cked up!

Now Cllr Ian Jones is absolutely adamant that he did not order a valuation of the bogs yet just 12 days after the Council's "money man", Eling, came on the scene Willetts emailed a fellow employee not stating that Jones wanted the valuation but "the members [plural] did".

Even though there was no contract for the District Valuer (DV) to do this type of work Britton's out of control staff just went on regardless with one Mitchell Spencer saying to Willetts that he had "kept [the instructions] as simple as possible."

Of course, the DV reported and Jan Britton's bent paid service then sold the bogs for considerably less than the valuation.

Later, of course, Jones made the ill-fated  appearance on Radio WM. In Cllrs Eling and Marshall's "Operation Shaft" to destroy Cllr Hussain and Jones [see last blog] they have played on the fact that Jonesy claimed that the price was much less than the valuation because of restrictive covenants on the deals which the DV knew nothing about. Indeed readers of this blog will know that bankrupt Cabinet member Richard Marshall told me as recently as 12th January, 2017:

"The audit meeting minutes are available next week proving Jones a liar again, no restricted [sic] covenants on the toilets".

(Incidentally Cllrs Piper and Jaron were dealing with this on the audit committee when they had been copied in by Eling in his email referred to above and so were themselves aware of at least some problems with the "deal" since 2012.)

Although Jones lied in the BBC radio interview he has consistently complained that this was because he had been briefed badly by staff ( and, indeed, this was stated in my blog a couple of YEARS ago.)

So what did the author, Mr Ken Tudor of Sandwell MBC, actually say in the briefing note to Cllr Jones:

"An independent valuation was later sought but this was not intended for negotiation purposes and did not, in any event take account of the restrictions applied on the sale...."

And so Eling and Marshall have known what Tudor told him or have simply ignored it and carried on attacking their "comrade" on this point. There are dark forces at work still around all this!

Clearly if West Midlands Police had done their job properly we might have got to the truth of what really happened - but they didn't. Jan Britton has written to Councillors today saying a number of recent posts on the internet and associated messages have been referred to West Midlands Police for investigation which may lead to "prosecutions". Let us hope they do what we pay them to do this time!

And finally:

This blog has shown that the BBC and Express and Star's attempts to whitewash Cllr Richard Marshall's debt problems are "b*llocks". Marshall was mired in debt irrespective of his legal case and the fact that he had blown a large sum of money belonging to a vulnerable widow. A new creditor contacted me yesterday. Marshall claimed to this unfortunate man that there had been a mega problem with "an invoice" (although he claimed in the court case that he didn't routinely issue them) and he desperately needed £7k to "pay employees". The unfortunate person lent him the money and over £5k is still outstanding. You have to question why Eling is so desperate to keep a man with such a chequered history not only on the council but in his cabinet!?!


Whilst Britton's hapless authority have degenerated to an "inadequate" Ofsted rating for Children's Services, new figures show over 6,000 REPORTED incidents of child abuse in the sh*thole Borough in the last five years.






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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Complaint to The Labour Party

This is a letter I have today sent to Iain McNicol, The General Secretary of the Labour Party. I make no further comment at this stage save to say that just when you expect Sandwell Labour can't sink any lower:

Mr Iain McNicol                                                                                         
General Secretary                                                                                     
The Labour Party                                                                                      23rd August, 2017
Kings Manor
Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE1 6PA


Dear Mr McNicol,


Please note that I am not a Labour Party member but I am writing as two Labour Councillors have sought to use me to smear Labour colleagues at Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC).

You are officially the person I should write to but I do so with some trepidation as I am told you are a puppet of Tom Watson MP who features in the sorry saga. However, I am copying in a number of people mentioned in what follows and I am sure the solicitors of Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones will take a keen interest in all this. I am also putting all this in the public domain as the secrecy prevalent in Sandwell Labour is wholly unacceptable.

I am the principal author of a blog about the fraud, corruption, cronyism and corruption of the Labour-controlled Council principally (although not exclusively) during the “leadership” of the late Darren Cooper. In his lifetime Cooper “hit back” at myself and my wife and his conduct was the subject of complaints to Labour’s former leader, Ed Miliband, which were duly ignored.

What is concerning me is that I have been fed information by two Councillors highly detrimental to Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones whilst various court cases have been ongoing involving the Councillors both The Labour Party and Sandwell Council. I am concerned that evidence has been given by parties on oath that there has been no “bias” against Cllrs Hussain and Jones when this is patently untrue.

There are a couple of matters I should mention straight away. On the question of bias it should be noted that Jan Britton, the pathetic groveller who purports to be Chief Executive of Sandwell Council, is seemingly incapable of independent thought and action and has been more than willing (in return for high status and salary) to be a pawn doing exactly as ordered by Cllrs Cooper and Eling (that is the most generous scenario - it may be that the situation with this man is far, far, worse). He worked with Darren Cooper and, seemingly, former Assistant Chief Executive Melanie Dudley to protect Cllr Hussain eg his non-investigation into the circumstances surrounding the award of a part of a valuable taxi contract to Cllr Hussain’s firm.

It seems that neither Darren Cooper when he was alive nor Jan Britton and Melanie Dudley were interviewed under caution by West Midlands Police when they purported to investigate the widespread fraud and corruption within the Council. It seems that certain persons were determined to thwart the police investigation and they had allies within the police force. It is noteworthy that the terms of reference into the useless “Wragge Report” were very narrowly drawn by Jan Britton and Melanie Dudley - seemingly to please Darren Cooper who, at that stage, was most anxious to exonerate Cllrs Hussain and Jones.

The mood changed when the draft report came out and Cooper and Hussain fell out. Then various interested parties who had hidden under the blankets decided to declare “open season” on Cllrs Hussain, Ian Jones and the latter’s family.

It should be noted that Cllr Eling was Deputy Leader throughout all these matters. He was the “money man” within the Council and given that Cllr Cooper was intellectually-challenged Cllr Eling was highly involved in “everything”. Despite this he claims to have been totally unaware of the ongoing fraud and corruption. I understand that he has not been interviewed under caution in the police investigation as to what he did or did not know.

Of course, the mood changed completely upon Cooper’s death and Eling decided he wanted the top job. He was aided to that end by two MP’s, Spellar and Watson. Eling and his (now bankrupt) sidekick Cllr Richard Marshall declared war on Cllrs Hussain and Ian Jones (and anyone supporting them). What follows is just a vignette of what they were up to but they wanted to destroy these two and to say that there was no “bias” from the top against them is totally false. From the Council’s side Jan Britton has been more than willing to do their bidding and I am told that he was asked at the High Court about an allegation that he would be sacked if Cllr Jones beat Cllr Eling to the leadership.

I am not sure how long Councillor Marshall has been a member of the Labour Party but he has not been a Councillor for long and yet he has been appointed by Eling to the all-powerful Sandwell Council “Cabinet” where he remains respite his bankruptcy. He has been very diligent in trying to protect his own position and to damage Labour Councillors and members at will. In the most egregious example he said that a male Councillor had a trans partner or, as Cllr Marshall put it, “he’s got a cock in a frock.”

Following Cooper’s death an intermediary approached me and said that Councillor Steve Eling wished to meet with me as he was planning to root out the corruption of the Cooper years (which he had allegedly failed to notice himself). Thus a meeting was arranged on 29th June, 2016 at The Windsor Public House in central Birmingham. I attended with the intermediary and Cllr Eling attended with Cllr Richard Marshall.

It should be noted that prior to this meeting I had written extensively in the blog about what I considered to be “wrongdoing” by a number of Sandwell Labour Councillors including Cllrs Mahboob Hussain, Ian Jones and Olwen Jones.

Cllr Eling spun me the line that he wanted to “drain the swamp” as he put it. Corrupt councillors and officials would face the consequences of their actions during the Cooper years. Cllr Marshall was to be his “enforcer” and would be in contact with me if I was prepared to “come on board” with the alleged clean-up project. For the corruption to be rooted out it was essential that Cllr Eling defeated his opponents so as to consolidate his leadership of Sandwell Labour and, thus, the Council. Accordingly, I was invited to use my energies to attack his opponents as much as possible. They would hand me ammunition to fire.

I was very concerned that Cllr Eling himself had been at the helm of the Council throughout the long period of corrupt practice but had totally failed to suppress it. I was particularly exercised about his significant personal involvement in the “IceStink” affair - an extremely bent deal to build an ice rink in West Bromwich. In the pub, Cllr Eling assured me that it had all been a terrible mistake and gave me his word that the corrupt transaction would not be going ahead.

I said that I would not be silenced and would point out wrongdoing wherever it occurred in the “rotten borough”. However, I could see merit in a new administration attempting to clean-up the Council and I was prepared to give Eling the benefit of the not inconsiderable doubt. As he was merely asking me to attack Councillors that I was already attempting to expose anyway I was happy to continue to “put the boot in” and if Eling and Marshall could assist, then all well and good. Cllr Marshall would be the principal point of contact.

Following the meeting, Cllrs Eling and Marshall fed me information about Eling’s opponents and, in particular, the three councillors mentioned. Eling himself rarely contacted me directly but was fully behind this activity. It is down to The Party what disciplinary action you intend to take against these two but I urge you to pass this correspondence to the Party’s lawyers to ensure that no false or misleading evidence has already been submitted to the courts and that none will be in the future.

Please also note that what follows is simply evidence of the vicious attacks made by Cllrs Eling and Marshall on Cllrs Hussain, Ian Jones and others. I have no intention of defaming any of the individuals mentioned and do not say that any of the allegations are actually true. Indeed, Cllrs Eling and Marshall have singularly failed to produce any evidence supporting their allegations - perhaps a clear indication that they were prepared to smear people without robust corroborative evidence?

One small matter also arises. Cllrs Eling and Marshall imply that they used contacts to obtain strictly private information from within the DWP concerning Cllr Hussain. It may well be that you will wish to investigate that potential illegality as a matter of urgency.

Please now refer to the following technical blogs which contain the matters complained of:

Yours faithfully.

Julian Saunders


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