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Costigan (Plus More...)

If it wasn't so serious for me, it would be amusing that the "Complex Crime Unit" of bent West Midlands Police (WMP) should be relying on a statement from Wednesbury Police's de facto "Gold Commander", Cllr Elaine Costigan. As it is, her statement is nonsensical and half of it relates to A. N. Other and not to me at all! As I showed in a recent blog, she has also directly lied about me in the statement which is all rather worrying.....

Clearly if WMP and the CPS are intent on criminalising me after nearly sixty years with an unblemished record then they need to take stock of the credibility of their witnesses. Have they asked Costigan about her time as "treasurer" "lol" of Wednesbury Celebrates [see posts passim]? Have they taken into account that before the Police appraised me of her complaint against me I had submitted three standards complaints to corrupt Sandwell Council about her conduct?

Have the CPS/WMP taken into account the incident when she was publicly caught-out lying on 19th August, 2017? Labour "Leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling had written to Costigan via email about Wednesbury Celebrates and complained about missing documentation. The "Gold Commander" immediately moved to protect her own arse and said that a very well-respected former SMBC employee, "Mrs X", had destroyed (by shredding) much of the relevant paperwork! I put this total lie on social media and Costigan was quick to accuse me of being the one telling fibs:

Tweet 19/08/17 (I have screenshots but wish to redact actual names although WMP still have my phone and can check it out "lol"):

"What an absolute lie... "Mrs X" and xxxxx did a great job when Ian [Jones] got them to come to Wednesbury, I don't know about shredding at all! Amazing where this rubbish information is coming from.."

The "rubbish information" had, in fact, come from Costigan herself since I had a copy of her email replying to The Milkman when she said:

"Hi Steve [ie Herr Eling], yes I have still got a few things to sort out with Paul just wished it had been dealt with in a better manner so to speak. It was a mess and going back through Jez Hall he remembers "Mrs X" shredding everything! Wished we had of realised that."

Needless to say "Mrs X" vehemently denies shredding the documents and is appalled at this vile slur on her character by Costigan. Mr Jez Hall is another disgraced employee driven out under the Eling regime but who can't say anything as he has been silenced with a confidentiality agreement in the usual way. I put in a Freedom of Information about the cause of his dismissal but SMBC are playing "dumb" (any information that helps me go back to SMBC gratefully received):

Another matter that arises is why SMBC staff were working for supposedly "independent" Wednesbury Celebrates.....?

Of course, this blog also exposed Costigan's dealings with KDC Edibles at a time when they had breached planning law and had to make an emergency application for planning permission to rectify the matter [see posts passim]. She managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the new highly-controversial Monitoring Officer, Surjit Tour (ask Frank Field MP about him "lol"), in the original complaint although, to be fair, his so-called "investigation" was absolutely pathetic (either by accident or design?)

Costigan tried to claim that emails to and from KDC may not have been from her but this was a masterpiece of, at best, obfuscation. Although I provided details of her personal emails in the latest Standards Complaint, Tour is demanding that I supply copies. Why Costigan cannot or will not finally come clean and disclose them I know not but as I have to send them in I thought you might like to take a look at them too, dear Readers.


Costigan denies sending an email bearing her name from Wednesbury Celebrates to "Jindy" at KDC. It is important to note that no-one was copied in on this email. It transpired that Jindy was away and someone called "Paresh" replied. Although he sent the reply to Wednesbury Celebrates he addressed the mail to "Cllr Elaine" and, more importantly copied the email to her personal iCloud email account which he clearly already held! Very handy if you are going to need help with planning matters! I am guessing that the iCloud address links her to her Council-supplied iPad.

Costigan is quick to reply (with a kiss) via her private email account ie she quickly drops the iCloud email address. Why, would that be I wonder? Perhaps she did not want SMBC to be able to track these communications?

Costigan then started tapping them up for food for the (failed) Bostin Cafe. The massive significance of this email - note WMP - is that KDC had put the emergency planning application in by then. The "many thanks again" suggests she had spoken with them as well and/or this was not the first time she had solicited food or other donations for the cafe. Of course, she again used her personal email account so that none of this went through the Council system. And, of course, none of this was declared even at the planning meeting which waved KDC's application through without even so much as a smack on the wrist!
It is noteworthy that the disastrous "Chief Executive" chose to be photographed with this woman last week knowing full well that she faced yet another standards complaint and so I think we can guess which way this one is going as well, eh Readers?

Britton's Out of Control Circus

During the Cooper/Britton era (aided so admirably "lol" by Hussain and The Milkman) these "hard" men had a policy (if you can call it that) of never admitting anything and fighting allegations and other claims against the party and/or Council (in reality, one and the same thing.) Bullying was (is?) rampant in Britton's bent paid service with Councillors joining in to intimidate staff. Thus I was interested to read yesterday about the chap who has won damages against SMBC in respect of racist bullying. (This money comes, of course, out of OUR pockets, rather than from sh*tbag councillors/officers.) Generally, no apology is even proffered to victims when this shower get caught out.

Management within Britton's paid service have to be prepared to toe the Labour line and, in many cases, to turn a blind eye or actively participate in corrupt practices. The supervisor who was found guilty of misconduct, Steve Dawson, was listed in old SMBC papers as a T&G/Unite "contact" and so I think we can safely say he was part of the Brotherhood....

Inside sources say that in 2015 (hold that date) Dawson was pissed off with the speed at which a black plasterer was working and told the tenant to "give him a bunch of bananas" to get him to speed up! With a witness - the tenant - present it is difficult to imagine a more straightforward case of racial harassment and yet the poor victim has had to wait three years and prove his case at an Employment Tribunal to win compensation. Thus to all intents and purposes, the victim has had all the stress of fighting a legal claim on top of the initial injury because Britton seemingly contested the case. This seems to be a new low even by his abysmal standards! Meanwhile, Dawson has kept his job! This is a scumbag Labour Council which is seriously out of control!

And Britton Plays Silly Buggers Again!

Regular readers will know that myself and A. N. Other were maliciously libelled in January when a Councillor made an entirely false accusation against us causing two street wardens to prevent us from lawfully attending the full Council meeting.

I will be taking legal action against the miscreant when he/she is identified but most of the cowards on the Council have refused to reply to my email asking if they were the person responsible. (About six or seven have been courteous enough to respond.)

Ironically one Councillor pointed the finger at Costigan but it cannot have been her as we didn't see her at all before the meeting. (Unless......)

Within minutes of this incident I emailed Jan Britton asking for the CCTV footage which will completely exonerate us but yesterday I received mail from Stuart Taylor (the lowly lackey at the centre of the suspension of seven workers formerly known as the Eling 7 but now, according to Steve "Luvvie" Trow, to be known as the Carter 7) saying that it is taking time to disclose the CCTV footage (two MONTHS to date) since SMBC has to be careful not to infringe the Data Protection rights of third parties! Most of these third parties are cowardly councillors whose lack of response is now the direct cause of this delay!

Britton knows who the complainant is but won't say (although if this persists I will be applying for a court order to force the issue) but I wrote back to Taylor and SUGGESTED (!) that rather than plough through all the footage all he needed to do was to identify the complainant on the tape and disclose the footage of the interaction between us. It seems simple doesn't it readers? (Having said that the rest of the tape must be retained as it also confirms the complainant was acting maliciously which is important as a matter of law.)


Yet another caller last night saying that a very senior SMBC employee has been shagging the payroll and the named recipient of his attentions is receiving favourable treatment. The same employee is linked to another named employee too. At least someone is busy down The Kremlin!


I have mentioned before that Herr Eling is hiding in his bunker surrounded by his force of paramilitary "Street Wardens". I am told they have a nice new vehicle to trot around in..... And Britton has still declined to suspend Warden 18 Chris Jones in respect of the Hackett saga and Jones has been photographed on patrol with WMP officers which is wholly unacceptable until this matter s resolved. I am writing to the Chief Constable accordingly!


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Monday, 19 March 2018

Yet Another Hussain Land Fraud?

Mr James Morris MP recently castigated corrupt Labour Sandwell Council in the House of Commons. All his accusations are matters of public record (often thanks to this blog) and yet the ludicrous Labour "Leader" of Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council Steve "The Milkman" Eling threw his toys out of the pram. The embattled Herr Eling - deeply involved in the Sp*nkgate saga - came out from his bunker and, like a strutting bantam cock, accused Mr Morris of being a "liar" and a "coward" and said he would "fight" him. As yet, of course, Eling has been woefully unable to back up his nonsensical and untruthful stance.

Eling was a senior officer in the Council for eons and was the "money man" and statutory Deputy Leader of the Council throughout the corruption of the Cooper/Britton era and yet he - like others - asks us all to believe that he completely missed all the wrongdoing going on directly under his nose! For someone who (again, please note WMP/CPS, falsely) brags of his attention to detail, this is all rather surprising.....

During Mr Morris's speech, there was a friendly intervention from Conservative MP for Dudley South*, Mike Wood, concerning his constituent Patricia Barlow. He reported to the House that her late mother had tried repeatedly to buy a piece of land adjacent to her property but that bent SMBC had flogged it to someone else. This particular "deal" has never crossed The Skidder's radar and was not mentioned in the useless Wragge Report. There was no comment on this by Herr Eling when he was screaming hysterically about Mr Morris's "lies" etc.

But I am guessing that this entry in the Audit Committee agenda for Thursday night may well relate to the same plot of land. In any event, it looks like the old triumvirate of Cllr Hussain, disgraced officer Dave Willetts and our old friend Director Nick Bubalo (the latter two STILL to be interviewed under caution by West Midlands Police) might have been up to their old tricks again. Here is the link which causes yet more grave concern and which the Committee on Thursday should normally insist be referred to WMP (though there is no real point when bent coppers are blocking any proper investigations into Sandwell Labour):

Any info on the exact spot and on the eventual "deal" gratefully received....

For the sake of completeness, the same document link mentions the Celebration Statue [sic] but there is a serious misprint in the "outcome section" where £30,000 has become "only £30,00 [sic]". I have written this morning to the Monitoring Officer, the pathetic "Chief Executive" and all members of the Committee and here is my email which also refers to the apparent failure by them to consider another very serious aspect of this matter:


There is a serious misprint in "Appendix A" for the meeting on Thursday concerning the Celebration Statue. In "outcome" it is said SMBC paid "30,00" to the private enterprise whereas this should read "£30,000". The strange use by SMBC of the word "only" (!) creates a very misleading effect. Can you please rectify this forthwith please?

There seems to have been no internal audit investigation that the corrupt former Leader of the Council (the chap who ordered the Rouf house to be withdrawn from auction to sell to Rouf's son) was trying to do solicit donations for the Statue from eg Mar City in exchange for favourable treatment? Can you explain this? (I have reported some evidence of this direct to the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police.)"

The Audit Committee is now packed with Eling arse-lickers. It does, of course, include legendary Eling/Marshall groupie Bob "Pea-Green Incorruptible" Piper and Bill Gavan. With regard to potty-mouthed Bill (ok, yes, pots and kettles...) there are serious allegations concerning Derek Rowley's tallying of the votes at Gavan's recent selection meeting now being investigated by Labour. I wrote to Bill but he has curiously failed to respond. What a stinking mess again!



One of the biggest disasters of this pathetic Labour Council concerns them taking a 30 year lease on expensive premises at Roway Lane where they totally failed to include the usual safeguards for tenants. The poor people of Sandwell will be paying for this fraud and/or incompetence until 2037 or thereabouts. The Audit Committee say this massive f*ck-up was all agreed at a Cabinet meeting of 14th March, 2007 although the minutes on the website are opaque about that. But on that date the Cabinet got through a substantial agenda in just 39 minutes. And one of those present was our very own "Mr Detail" "lol", Herr Milkman!!!!


Cllr Steve "Luvvie" Trow (a dark horse candidate for Leader when Eling has to go despite his recent absurd behaviour) has confirmed that SMBC employee Darren Carter was wholly responsible for suspending the seven workers known as "The Eling 7". Herr Eling has gone to the Police in his attempt to criminalise me saying that he was absolutely NOT involved in the suspensions in any way (and we must assume he will go into a witness box and confirm this on oath.) Trow should know as his own secretary was suspended. Mysteriously neither he nor any of his Cabinet colleagues said anything contemporaneously as I emailed him and the others asking them (a) if they had prior knowledge that their secretaries were to be suspended and (b) if they condoned that course of action. But answer came there none.

This leaves three questions:

1   Whose was the male voice heard shouting "I want the f*ckers out and I don't want the f*ckers back"? Was this Darren Carter?

2   Why was Stuart Taylor said to be a key player in this unbelievable affair?

3   Why DID so many people - including West Bromwich West Labour Party Branch - believe so firmly that Eling WAS involved? Was someone inside SMBC trying to stitch The Milkman up?

I understand that the union grievance meetings had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances but it will be interesting to see thereafter what disciplinary action is taken against Carter for this crazed "over the top" decision.

As ever, all info gratefully received...

Sorry - a bit more.... The Skidder phoned DC W...... at the WMP "Complex Crime Unit" (no, I am NOT joking) about return of his voluntarily surrendered phone two weeks ago today. Spoke to his colleague this morning but as at 18.45 no response from DC W..... and his phone now just ringing out..... Maybe they are out nicking some villains but I somehow doubt it don't you taxpayers!

* For the benefit of some of my more parochial readers in Sadders, Dudley is a large Metropolitan area to the west of Sadders.


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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Sadders Odds and Sods!

1   The Skidder is pleased to announce over 900,000 views on this blog (although a lot may be the West Midlands Police "complex crime unit" pouring over it to try and shut me down for their friends at corrupt Labour Sandwell (aka "Sadwell") Council "lol".) Thanks to all helpers, informants and, of course, readers!

2   In his desperate attempt to save his skin (and to criminalise me in the process) Steve "The Milkman" Eling, the embattled "leader" of the bent local Council, has made some pretty extraordinary allegations. One thing that Herr Eling says is CRIMINAL (REPEAT CRIMINAL) behaviour is that I took a photo of him on SMBC premises without his permission. The photo in question was a still from this footage I shot of him and I will leave it to you to decide whether my actions constitute the illegal actions of a delinquent desperado or whether Milko is scraping the barrel (or the bottom of the bottle.)

3   I don't know why so many of the gerontocracy in Sadwell Labour feel the need for (metaphorical) public masturbation but they just can't help themselves. This week saw the farcical "Wednesbury Awards" - interesting in that SMBC's joke "Chief Executive" Jan Britton chose to be photographed with Cllr Costigan just when she faces yet another standards complaint!

This morning I just happened to be looking back through the minutes of the Audit Committee (as you do when you're a sad bastard) when another piece of classic backslapping caught my eye. Back in the "Municipal Year" 2015/2016 there were five members of the Committee and four meetings.

Out of five councillors, two were absent from three of the meetings ie 60% attendance. In the fourth meeting the position deteriorated to 3 members absent ie 40% attendance. (Remember that most of these grovelling greasers get "special responsibility" payments on top of their normal allowances to, er, not bother to attend these meetings!) Despite this pisspoor record - and I kid ye not - the comrades decided to officially record this in the annals (or anals) of the Borough:

"[the 2015/16 audit report] be approved. Members commended the committee members' attendance record throughout the municipal year".

You keep voting for them Sadders and Labour keep pissing on you!

Incidentally, Herr Eling has packed the renamed Committee with his fawning toadies to exact vengeance on his enemies and it is now called the Waffen SS.

4   An interesting handwritten note has come back to my attention. I believe it dates from 2015 and is from a (then) strong supporter of Mahboob Hussain to Simon "The Sandwell Slasher" Hackett:

Whatever this means it does seem to indicate what we already know ie that Tom Watson MP (who hounded a man to his death with false allegations of the vilest kind) was one of the "controlling hands" planning Hussain's destruction - although he has never had the b*lls to actually publicly admit that.

Some Skidder readers never cease to amaze me in their attention to these weighty matters and I expect some may have already wondered if they have seen the above handwriting before? Perhaps in my blog "F*ck Me" of October, 2015 where this and other documents appeared:

I am no graphologist and cannot possibly comment "lol".

5   On the subject to the absentee MP, Watson has given up any pretence of living in the sh*thole that is West Bromwich East. He is now firmly ensconced in London well away from the pathetic unthinking drones who vote for him. Whilst he has been silent on so many local issues - and failed even to attend James Morris's Adjournment Debate in Parliament on the Council he controls - we have shown that he seems to have abandoned The Baggies and is now interfering in planning issues surrounding Millwall FC and even in the affairs of little Dulwich Hamlet FC:

If you are currently picking your way through the druggies, pissheads and the heaps of dog-sh*t in Sadders you will be gratified to note that Dulwich Hamlet and environs are super-posh and full of rich people. If your kids are not being educated in Sandwell's dismal schools after 43 years of Labour failure you will be thankful that at least they are not in a dump like this - Dulwich College - an exclusive public school next door to the Hamlet and alma mater of that other deadbeat Sandwell Labour MP, wealthy John Spellar:

(I remain very interested in the alleged actions by Watson to further the career of the bullying Ms Sarah James - see posts passim.)

6   I have been writing about the huge Labour scandal surrounding Lion Farm Playing fields. It is interesting to note that this area is being held out by the comrades as a retail nirvana and yet Toys-R-Us RIGHT NEXT DOOR has just gone bust and closed down. Why are the sleazy "socialists" trying to force this through?

7  Of course, there is a MASSIVE Sandwell Labour story currently breaking but I am awaiting official confirmation before running it. I wonder why the Labour Party and the local comrades have all suddenly been struck dumb? If you can't wait, the lefties at The Skwawkbox are already going with it:

Pip pip!


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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lion Farm Scandal - Letter to CC & Sajid Javid

Herewith a letter sent to the Chief Constable of bent West Midlands Police and to Sajid Javid who is not only the Secretary of State for Local Government but also my MP. Copies have been sent to James Morris MP (although Lion Farm is not on his patch he is working hard to expose corruption at Sandwell Council) and to Fields in Trust.

Aerial shot courtesy of Google
Dear Sirs,

Lion Farm 19ha Green Space - Oldbury


I am addressing this letter to two recipients. Mr Javid is my own MP and I write to him in that capacity as well as in his capacity as Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government as there are issues of general local governance of serious concern here. The Chief Constable has led a police force that has done its best to avoid investigating their “friends” in Sandwell Council as rightly exposed by James Morris MP recently. This particular matter was seemingly NOT part of the catastrophic RFT “investigation” into Sandwell nor in the Wragge Report which was used by WMP as an excuse to close down any further enquiries.


Lion Farm fields constitute a huge area of the ever-shrinking green space in Sandwell. There is almost total secrecy surrounding a project by Sandwell Council to sell the land to a property developer who wishes to build a “designer shopping village” there - even though it is close to major shopping centres at Merry Hill and in Birmingham City centre and a brand new “designer village” is being built just 13 miles away in Cannock.

The fields are supposed to be held in trust for the people of Sandwell (hence why I am copying this letter to Fields in Trust.)

I can do no better than to refer recipients to my blog:

It is of major concern that the developer was seemingly “introduced” to Sandwell Council in 2012 by disgraced Cllr Mahboob Hussain shortly after the developer bought the former Rickshaw Restaurant in Dudley from Hussains son, Azeem Hafeez, for £470,000 although Hafeez bought it for just £85,000 (at the time Hafeez was an employee of the Council and it is not clear whether he paid tax on this colossal capital gain.)

Sandwell Council are trying to hide this deal by ludicrously calling the plan “Junction 2 Regeneration” when it is no such thing (indeed, if it goes ahead then, at least in the short term, congestion around Junction 2 is likely to be significantly worse.) It seems that this development does not accord with the local plan and so the Secretary of State may be involved in this scandal in his official capacity in due course.

Sandwell Council have an appalling record in answering Freedom of Information requests and you will see how they are again trying to conceal the facts in my current FOI request:

I believe much of this obfuscation is absolutely deliberate. We have seen before that the Council seem to be deliberately concealing information so as to thwart any attempts by interested parties to seek judicial review of their decisions. It is extremely worrying here that in the latest Cabinet Report prepared to promote the scheme and grant an extension of a mysterious and still secret “option” to the developer that this is said at paragraph 14.2:

“Once the development has progressed, planning permission has been considered and the judicial review period expired, a further report will be brought back to cabinet for consideration.”

How does one even know when the “judicial review period” starts and finishes when the whole deal is being kept under wraps? How can anyone know that they have a case for judicial review when the whole deal is shrouded in secrecy?  (There can be no question of commercial confidentiality since the Council has already locked out all competitors to Cllr Hussain’s friend.)

To the Chief Constable

This is not just the sale of some old toilet blocks. This is a multi-million pound development. The manner of the introduction, the way Cllrs Hussain and Hackett waived this through, the possible involvement on the deal of disgraced employee David Willetts and the unwarranted secrecy - even now - should be setting red lights flashing and urgent police investigation is required. If there has been fraud the whole wretched deal can be set aside.

The Wragge Report’s authors did not have police powers and no-one could be compelled to give evidence - so they didn’t. The solicitors believed that Cllr Hussain had been in breach of the Council’s Code of Conduct and, more importantly, said that he had POSSIBLY been in breach of the provisions of the Bribery Act (see paras 4.13.6 and 4.13.11). The Wragge Solicitors specifically state they did NOT investigate the option given to the developer (para 4.13.10.)

Thus no-one appears to have investigated any of this and the police have the power to seize documents and to compel witnesses to be interviewed under caution (though they can, of course, choose to remain silent.)

To The Secretary of State/My MP

I appreciate that Sandwell is a corrupt Council which does not “play by the rules”. I have raised some issues above with regard to secrecy, the difficulties in challenging decisions by Judicial Review and the shocking failure to comply adequately or at all with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

I refer above to my Freedom of Information request in this matter (above) and you will see that SMBC - a public body - claim to have no documents relating to initial meetings and no correspondence between the parties! How can that possibly be?

Time and again Sandwell have sought to thwart the effect of the FOIA by holding unminuted and otherwise unrecorded secret meetings. This is totally unsatisfactory, particularly when taxpayer-funded officers are involved as well as Councillors. As Secretary of State I believe that this whole area needs urgent review and that all meetings - particularly involving officers - must be minuted or otherwise recorded.

By way of example (and your brother should be able to tell you about this) there were a series of secret meetings (still secret to this day) - some involving taxpayer-funded SMBC officers - concerning the corrupt deal to transfer The Public Arts Centre to Sandwell College.

Sources say that a “deal” to build an ice rink in Sandwell was brokered by Lord Peter Snape but SMBC say there is no record of the initial meetings. Thus it is impossible to ascertain who attended. It is highly likely that taxpayer-funded staff were involved as THEY then tried to find an appropriate site for it at taxpayers’ expense!

Chief Executive (and thus paid by the taxpayer), Jan Britton, stated that he had made a thorough “investigation” into allegations that Cllr Hussain (see above) had failed to declare interests in a taxi firm which successfully bid for part of a valuable contract and yet claims not to have recorded or minuted details of the alleged investigation and his findings anywhere!
With regard to the sale of the toilet blocks and other land to Cllr Hussain’s son or associates the initial meetings are all unminuted. Here the position is the same though, as above, this is a multi-million pound proposed development.

Clearly this is a wholly unsatisfactory situation and needs to be nipped in the bud here and nationwide. What does the Secretary of State propose.

As my MP I understand that you cannot involve yourself (yet) in the current police investigations into me but on the wider issue of use of police resources it is ironic that the WMP “complex crime” unit is currently spending hundreds of hours trying to close down my “Sandwell Skidder” blog and yet are doing nothing to investigate the above scandal which has been known to WMP for some time (matters relating to the Rickshaw Restaurant were discussed with DS Wayne Haynes and another officer when I gave evidence (as a witness) to the WMP Regional Fraud Team as long ago as November, 2015! It is now March, 2018.)

I request that you encourage the Chief Constable to arrange a thorough investigation here or, better still, to let an outside force in to do the necessary given the extremely unhealthy links between WMP and SMBC.

Yours faithfully,


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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Councillor E - False Statement!

Regular readers will know all about the police debacle. It is bad enough to have to face hours of interrogation due to politically-motivated, vindictive and spurious allegations by Sandwell Labour Councillors (accepted as gospel by their friends in WMP) but things get really problematic when this lot simply make stuff up.

Back in October, 2017 I prepared a leaflet following revelations about the huge number of child abuse complaints in Sandwell (at a time when Labour's Children's Services were failing and repeatedly being rated "inadequate" by Ofsted). A small demo was planned outside Oldbury Council House before the full Council Meeting on 17th October, 2017.

I went to Wednesbury on 14th October, 2017 to hand some leaflets out and was assisted by local activist Darryl Magher. We only had 95 leaflets but local folk were very receptive and we got rid of the lot in 17 minutes. Sick, paranoid, Labour knew this session was to take place and Darryl and I were observed throughout the exercise by no less than SIX street wardens at taxpayers' expense. Wednesbury's answer to Ernest Saunders, Maggie Dorsett, came to watch on behalf of the sinister "Party".

All this was contemporaneously recorded on the @CrowMultimedia Twitter account:

This is the one and only time that I have distributed leaflets in Wednesbury (though it now certainly won't be the last - watch this space.....)

Yet when undergoing police interrogation I was handed a wholly different leaflet about a completely different subject and told that Councillor E says that I was in Wednesbury on an unspecified date handing it out to folk and that it was defamatory of him/her. (Not that he/she ever contacted me about this - perhaps because it wasn't, er, true!) No doubt the WMP "complex crime unit" can get their star witness - who is very closely connected to them - to narrow down the alleged date of all this and check the town's CCTV which will show this is all, er, completely untrue.

There are reasons why Councillor E wishes me harm but providing blatantly false statements to the rozzers is a new low. Malicious prosecution anyone?


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Breaking News - Marshall Suspended!

One of the three complainants to bent West Midlands Police hoping to get them to close this blog down is in deep doo doo again. Whilst this has not been confirmed by "official" Party sources a number of local Labour figures have confirmed that bankrupt (financially and morally) Councillor Richard Marshall HAS been suspended by the Labour Party and that this is NOT a "voluntary" suspension.

Two days ago I put up a link to the excellent blog written by Sandwell Tories (even if you don't share their politics they have written well on the fraud, corruption, cronyism and incompetence engulfing Labour Sandwell Council.) They had surmised - rightly - that Marshall was one of the complainants against me and accused him, if that was the case, of "having more front than Blackpool." Quite so!

In the interests of political balance, the "hard left" are now also taking an active interest in Sandwell Labour and a series of highly critical and interesting pieces has appeared on the Skwakbox site:

NB - NEW SKIDDER PHONE NUMBER - 9am to 9pm - 07930 361831

This blog has exposed time and again the problems with WMP having become a politicised arm of the deeply corrupt Council. When I spent four hours + in Oldbury nick last week being interviewed by, yes - this is TRUE - the WMP "complex crime unit" - some of the stuff they were coming out with was incredible. The statements from Councillors B and E were particularly absurd but WMP believe these people because they are Councillors. Even though there had been a lot of attention on my blog (no wonder the readership figures are booming "lol") none of the rozzers appear to have actually READ and absorbed the contents. Rather, some poor bugger has been delegated to go through it with a pink highlighter pen and to "select" bits that can be "used against me" whilst ignoring the context and, rather more importantly, the facts!

Just by way of a small example, the Police referred to Marshall being a Cabinet Member but he lost that position when Herr Eling finally reversed that catastrophic appointment. Marshall himself also referred to "his previous bankruptcy" suggesting that it is not ongoing! These are really simple matters where you would think the "complex crime unit" could establish the, er, facts, before hurling false and incorrect accusations at people in interrogation sessions! The attitude seems to be that the (moral) Cowards in Blue will just gather as much sh*t as possible then chuck it at "the CPS" to sort out!

Rather more worrying is that this blog has shown that WMP officers (including senior ones up to, at least, Inspector level) have lied over and over again about alleged investigations into the corrupt Labour Council. I am most definitely NOT saying here that Chief Supt Rich Baker at West Brom has lied but a person who alleges she was defrauded of a very large sum of money by, inter alia, Richard Marshall tells me in writing that she has brought the matter to the attention of WMP and that Rich Baker has told her that the matter HAS been referred for investigation. (This is the same woman who won a civil court judgment against Marshall.)

WMP never said anything about this to me last week even though I have written extensively about the civil case and Marshall's other debts (don't forget those folks since he has tried to suggest he was otherwise debt free and it was only the court case that brought him to bankruptcy. This ignores the 3 CCJ's in his wife's name - relevant as she was a party to the civil case - trade debts and the thousands tricked out of another near neighbour.) The problem with all this is that officers appear to be ignoring serious issues about the bona fides of complainants if they are Councillors and, worse, submitting files to the CPS (who have not had the advantage of meeting witnesses) on the basis that the Councillors are all fine upstanding folk who are telling WMP the truth. Surely this must colour any CPS decision to prosecute or not? (I went through all this is 2015 when a WMP DS was very aggressive after I suggested Dickhead Daz was an inveterate liar!)

Who knows what is going on at WMP but it would be rather extraordinary if, via Ch Supt Baker, Marshall IS being investigated for alleged fraud and the "complex crime unit" are telling the CPS he is a sound and reliable witness....

(I cannot mention Ch Supt Rich Baker without raising a different matter. Three Councillors allege that he told them not so long ago that the WMP investigation into ex-Mayor Derek Rowley's alleged personal involvement in the sale and and/or attempted sale of SMBC (ie our) property WAS still ongoing. If this comment was true then either the investigation is probably the slowest in WMP history or else there has been yet another "misunderstanding".)

Marshall has been deselected and will be off the Council in May. His wife is saying publicly that they are moving away from the area.....

Marshall had only been a Councillor for two years when "leader" Steve "The Milkman" Eling made the disastrous decision to promote him. We have seen how Milko likes money and, of course, he and his wife do have two properties to run. He was determined to keep his job at Rotherham Council (another disastrous Labour basket case) and run [sic] Sadders as well to keep maximum income flooding in. Marshall was given the "soft" portfolio of Leisure but for reasons that remain a mystery (though probably connected to Milko's paranoia and control-freakery) he needed a right-hand man and "enforcer" in The Bunker watching his back and doing his bidding. Presumably Britton didn't fit the bill despite having been Cooper's Court Eunuch*).

Herr Eling is now beseiged on all sides and fighting for his political life. Part of the Police nonsense is to try and stall all other enquiries into Sp*unkgate etc in the hope that the usual Labour clean sweep in the May elections will have the venal and craven comrades hastening to kiss his ring.

But there must now be a police investigation into HIS activities simply on the basis on the number of witnesses who have given statements to WMP about HIM. Then there remains a Labour Party enquiry and also internal SMBC Standards complaints. Civil action is possible. Whilst his position is untenable there is also the question why the other members of the Cabinet (the same ones -  self-promoting "socialists" - who sat back and let their secretaries be suspended without complaint the other week) allowed The Milkman and Marshall to seize control in the way that they did.

I wrote this email to these pathetic grovellers the other day (missing out Costigan) but have yet to receive any replies. I wonder why?


1   The rumour mill is going full tilt that Cllr Marshall has been suspended by the Labour Party but no-one seems willing to confirm this. What is the position please?

2   Cllr Marshall had only been on the Council for two years when he joined your ranks in May, 2016. He had the "easy" portfolio of Leisure and yet he became Cllr Eling's "No 2" and "Enforcer" overnight. He became directly involved in audit and standards matters and even in the dismissal of staff. After the disastrous Cooper/Britton era I wonder if you can tell me how YOU as Cabinet members allowed this all to happen. When and how did you agree to it? Did any of you at anytime raise any objection to Marshall's role or his activities? The Skidder readers will be fascinated to receive your insights into all this.

Many thanks,

The person Cllr Edwards in now referring to as "The Accused"."

By the way, some folk have asked why I haven't contacted the Police and Crime Commissioner and/or the West Mids Police and Crime Panel about the misuse of police resources in hounding this blog. With regard to the latter, I lobbied them extensively about the criminal trolling campaign by the late Smethwick Scumbag but they didn't want to know even though he was Chair of the Panel! Of course, the PCC is just another Labour crony and I can do little better that quote a short Facebook Messenger exchange with a well-known Sandwell Labour Councillor and Marshall arse-licker who was, however, concerned about the inactivity of bent WMP in Sandwell matters....

Labour Councillor:  "Have you tried that useless lump Jamieson?

Me:  "Come on X - ask a silly question!"

Labour Councillor:  "..... you could try his deputy Judy Foster, who at least has the advantage of appearing to be alive."

*For the benefit of WMP the term "eunuch" in respect of the leader [sic] of Sandwell's bent paid service is metaphorical and satirical. It is not literal. Indeed [unfortunately due to constraints of space this post must end here....]


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Friday, 9 March 2018

Tuesday's Council Meeting and More...

The morons who keep voting Labour for their local council in the sh*thole that is Sandwell after 43 years of dismal failure deserve everything they get and Tuesday was an object lesson in how they get shafted by the comrades.

This blog has pointed out time and time again that on the night before a full council meeting the Labour "group" (currently still indulging in civil war) have a private meeting in the council chamber and determine what will happen at the public meeting. Thus the "real" meeting is an affront to the democratic process and a farce - just giving a few grandstanding windbags the chance to parade their allegedly left wing credentials.

Full council meetings should be the acme of local democracy in the failing Borough but there are always a number of absentees despite the high level of allowances the comrades trouser. But Tuesday was particularly interesting. We all wondered whether Marshall would show his face but he didn't. But his groupie, class comedian Bob Piper, wasn't there and neither was Cllr Ann Jaron. It turns out that such was their contempt for the Borough they decided not to bother with an actual Council meeting but to attend a Labour Party meeting instead ie to select Comrade Piper for yet another Corbyn-esque term of depressing underachievement.

The dates of the Council meetings are known months in advance and so it beggars belief that "The Party" should deliberately book an alternative meeting on the same night. But that's how little these jokers really think of you folk.... And they are claiming YOUR money as allowances.

I am informed that Eling puppets Cllrs Piper and Jaron were, in fact, at the Abbey Labour selection meeting. Obviously Herr Eling had to stay in his besieged bunker but Mrs Milkperson was there instead. The amazing thing is that the Marshall clan also turned up! Still after all Piper's paeans of praise for the Builder from Bearwood I suppose it was the least Marshall could do....

On the theme of "Tales of the Unexpected" who should appear at full Council but Cllr Frear after months in hiding! How very odd!

Needless to say Cllr Preet "Greedy" Gill was not there. Although she has no record of competence as a Sadwell Councillor she is continuing to rake in her allowances even though she has - unbelievably - been elected as the MP for Edgbaston. Smethwick St Paul's is truly blessed as she has failed to represent their interests for three meetings in a row - 17/10/17; 16/01/18 and 6th March, 2018. As she has not attended a meeting for over six months she should normally be kicked off the Council by law but she cleverly protected her own little gravy train by attending a meeting on 3rd January, 2018 of an obscure bullshit committee called the "Select Committee for Policy Review". As she hadn't attended a meeting since July, 2017 she had to turn up or be booted out and so she happily keeps your money flowing to her thanks to participating in a gruelling meeting lasting, er, 38 minutes. (For the record she failed to turn up for the meetings of this talkshop on 01/08/17; 12/09/17 and 20/02/18.) As above, you keep voting for these people to p*ss all over you so lap it up folks!

New Skidder number 8am to 9pm: 07930 361831.

And there must be an election coming as sundry Wednesbury/Friar Park Councillors were suddenly in evidence supporting a demo outside of the lovely people from "The People of Wednesbury Say NO to Network Rail." (Check out their Facebook page in that name.) These folk were protesting about the plan to build a concrete sleeper factory at Bescot rail sidings and have done a fantastic job so far including getting a massive petition together against the plan. Normally, of course, the despotic comrades don't brook any insolence from anyone and, leaving aside some of the dubious deals they have tried to force through, they usually spout a lot of claptrap about "jobs" to get their pet projects duly approved. But here - and with an election coming up - some have seen the strength of local opinion and sided (at least for now) with the people. Under-fire and under-investigation Cabinet member Simon "The Sandwell Slasher" Hackett was assiduously stewarding the demo and looking after the aggrieved locals. Too little too late to save him, I fear, but a very rare and welcome sight all the same. Here is with fellow Cabinet member David "Menage a Deux" Hosell:

Incidentally, a few folk at the demo mentioned - not in a good way - the incessant traffic at the Lidl Distribution Centre - and we all know who was the main backer of that one at SMBC don't we?

Sandwell Tories

The late Smethwick Scumbag in his crazed ramblings used to accuse me of being involved with every grouping from "The Kippers" to Noel's House Party. Most readers know my political bent and that I am not a Tory but the local Conservatives do write a splendid blog. I am grateful for their support today noting the joint effort by those two local wells of corruption Sandwell Council and West Midlands Police to close me down. Here is the post (which contains a minor error which I will deal with below):

Police Latest

In my blog on Monday I pointed out that WMP tried to stitch me up by claiming - even though I had a solicitor present - that five councillors had made complaints against me. Cllrs A to E lets call them. The Sandwell Tories blog gets the letters slightly mixed but it transpired that Cllrs C and D had most definitely not complained about me but specifically about Cllrs A and B! That left only three complainants (if you can call two of them that.)

Cllr C came to me on Tuesday night and said categorically that he had made complaint against Cllrs A and B. I am not 100% certain but Cllr D's complaint is certainly against Cllr B and possibly Cllr A as well.

Also on Tuesday I had a discussion about something else with Cllr X who then also informed me that he too had made a formal complaint to WMP concerning Cllrs A and B. As it is I am not sure if he is going to be much help for other reasons and so we will ignore him for now.

And since the police interrogation two further persons have contacted me. They have both, this week, given police statements against Cllrs A and B. Let's call them persons F and G.

Leaving aside for the time being the better "quality" of the evidence from C, D, F and G, on purely numerical terms therefore (and ignoring Cllr X) it is 4 v 3 in favour of The Skidder and against Cllrs A and B. WMP have no option now but to treat them in exactly the same way as they have treated me. That's only fair isn't it readers?

As people are trying to criminalise me they must remember that the criminal burden of proof is "beyond reasonable doubt" and that the very fact of the four statements telling the truth here automatically constitutes "reasonable doubt".

(I do hope a certain relatively new employee didn't advise Cllr A to launch criminal allegations. Cllr A can be a very vindictive man "lol"!)

Hot Rumour

Sadders has been awash with rumour today that a Labour Councillor has been suspended by the Labour Party but there is still no official confirmation from the Party or his allies of this. Info gratefully received particularly as, if true, it will be very helpful in respect of the police witch-hunt against me!


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